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Evangelical Alliance: ‘Gays are not superior sinners’

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  1. Without exception, this is THE biggest load of crap interview that Pinknews has ever published. Did the interviewer keep a straight face while this moron bleated this crap? It’s the gay community who focuses on gay issues in the church? It’s the gay community that is intolerant? The Evangelicals are as vocally against heterosexual sex outside of marriage as they are against gay sex? Evangelicals have done nothing but show their love for gay people and try to kindly and gently lead them away from their wicked ways? ARE YOU FRICKIN KIDDING ME?Where were the hard questions for this jerkoff? Where was the journalistic balance. Basically this “report” is nothing more than a one sided, unchallenged diatribe full of lies and inaccuracies. Typical of the low grade quality of Pinknews “journalism”.I’d love to say I’m surprised, but unfortunately I’m not. Just, once again, disappointed.

  2. richard harris 30 Jun 2006, 7:36am

    stay in jamaica mr edwards, a liberal democracy probably isnt for you

  3. Edwards is confused.What else can we say about a man whose life is based on something that is full of contradictions – the bible.Here’s some help Joel – In the bible, Jesus says that above everything else we must love each other.Unfortunately, marriage does not define whether there is love in the relationship – if only life were that simple!However, homosexual relationships are blessed with love. Nothing simpler. Their beauty is filled with the Love that Jesus wished for humanity.So to write them off in the way he has done is a crime against Love and sorry Joel, against your own man – Jesus.Still confused?

  4. “If it could be proven that sociologically and ontologically that there is no distinction between homosexuality and heterosexuality then les go for it”.EVERY human relationship is both different and same as the next, thus your requirement of ‘no distinction’ is ludicrous. I suggest investing in thicker glasses if you can’t look around and see that.”All evidence seems to suggest marriage between man and woman is crucial for family life, and the best context for children.Even when the man and woman don’t, can’t have, or want children? Or when they are abusive? Seems that if your “ontological” argument held any water, any relationship with one XY chromosome individual and one XX chromosome individual would be ideal. That’s logic for ya.That said, I kind of agree that people probably should stop wielding the term “homophobe” so casually….especially when there are more appropriate terms or phrases to describe people like this guy. “Confused” comes to mind. The only homosexuality they are justified in railing against is the caricatured version they have created themselves.

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