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Homosexuality deemed at birth, study shows

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Reader comments

  1. Michael Jackson 26 Jun 2006, 5:54pm

    What a silly hypothesis. Any excuse will suffice apparently, in the quest to legitimize homosexual behavior.

  2. Peggy Gillespie 26 Jun 2006, 8:14pm

    How did you derive at this sort of conclusion? What kind of studies? Are you (suggesting) concluding sexual exploration on the younger brother?

  3. And the earth is flat, while the moon is made of cheese.This is just another propaganda event by homosexuals in their quest for acceptance.It’s not going to happen. Look at what happened to Rome when the homosexuals manifested themselves there. It’s behavioral pure and simple.

  4. What next? Humans evolved from pineapples?Any study or statistic can be slanted to favor a desired outcome. It appears that this is the case here. Homosexual behavior is simply that – behavior.

  5. MJ is gay 2 Oct 2006, 7:04am

    Where is Blanket?Did MJ kill Blanket?

  6. There is so much ignorance about the actual term, homosexual, and the anti-sympathisers reveal a poor, very poor, standard of education. Did they but know they are confining their ideas to an old-fashioned binary pair, homosexual/heterosexual, thus denying the sexual continuum.

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