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Paris Hilton descends on German toilet from 7000 feet

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Reader comments

  1. Slobodan Myassisfat 9 May 2006, 12:10am

    Paris Hilton wants a gay boyfriend? because they’re hotter, and dress better? Talk about stereotypes…I am proud gay slob, I’m a bad dresser, I’m fat, I don’t take care of myself very well and I’m sick of these stereotypes of gay men being pushed into society especially by a woman who wants a gay boyfriend…one problem here, what do you think of a woman who doesn’t want to be loved…because I don’t think a gay man could really love her. Niarchos must have thought her a very cold fish…

  2. Anonymous 9 May 2006, 5:46pm

    yes i agree NOT all gay men are hot, WOW ive seen some pretty nasty looking ones… in straight men…

  3. She Is not steriotyping she just for got to say “ONE of the Hot Gay Guys”

  4. Need to correct my previous statement, “She forgot to say MOST Gay Men Dress well and are good looking and fun” She’s so Pretty,I think she should just forget about romance for the right now and concentrate on finding out what she really wants in life.

  5. Speaking of Gay Boyfriend. . .

  6. peterrivendell 8 Dec 2006, 10:42pm

    But do kids want Paris Hilton?

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