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Gay activist opposes British Megan’s Law

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  1. Arthur Waugh 5 Jul 2006, 12:16am

    The notion of having sex with the very young strikes me as BORING. I have trouble identifying with the scene, But looking back and remembering my feelings at 12 and 16 I remember quite well that I was a horny little creature and I was dying to be molested and I experimented as much as was possible,Today looking back I do wonder why was it only childish that I mutually masterbated with my peer group but if an adult laid a loving hand on my sexual parts he was some kind of monster. How was I harmed that the loving hand was over 18years old. I also wondered if all of those so called molesting priests didn’t stave off a few rapes and doseases/ Surely some of the boys went back for second sessions because the first ones were enjoyable. This was Bad? Sinful? How so?