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Muslim cleric backs gay burnings

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Reader comments

  1. Qaradawi’s understanding is perverted and full of political backing from the Wahabbi-led Saudi government. His thinking is founded in what ancient human beings did after the death of Prophet Mohammed, SAWS. The Holy Quran does not have any punishment for homosexuality, as it clearly states in Quran that there are mem who have no desire for women and women who have no desire for men. Secondly, Prophet Mohammed, SAWS, never had a legal case on homoseuxality–and many Islamic legal scholars uphold this historical fact. Thus, Qaradawi is like his ancient predecessors and political wrong doers who used political subtefuge to promote their narrowminded rulings that are not gournded in Quran or Prophet Mohammad’s authentic sunnah. He basis his “fatwah” is the analogy of zinah (which is a heterosexual crime of illegal sexual practices because the offending parties are not married going against rules in the Quran for zinah) to formulate a legal ruling that must take many twists and turns to come up with a fiqh/jurisprudence to support a Shari’a (Islamic law) ruling that is neither supported by Quran nor Prophet Mohammed’s Sunnah.When one looks to the athar (traditions) of the Sahaba of Prohpet Mohammed, you will find they started the illegal killing of homosexuals as determined by their counselp–this is why there are so many ways they have devised to kill a homosexual–yet Quran does not give them any indication that homosexuality is condemned. What they fail to hold a literal understanding is that straight men “men who left their wives and spouses” to commit homosexual rape. So is it really homoseuxals or straight men who cheat on their wives for sexual pleasure their ruling should be imposed? Since he upholds such counsel of the athar of the Sahaba, he must show that all Sahaba agreed with Ali’s ruling–which he cannot do as several sahaba disagreed with his view that homosexuality was a sin punishable by death. They held that it was Allah’s determination as to who will die and when. In conclusion, there was never a unanamous decision–which makes such rulings the same as Prophet Mohammad’s actions or Sunnah–thus these men pervert the natural order of Allah’s message to all of humankind. I remind Qaradai that Allah does not like to have his word twisted to satisfy his and others’ blood thirst for human blood. We will see on the day of judgment Qaradawi, won’t we.AbdullahUSA

    1. Imam Daayiee Abdullah 4 Apr 2012, 4:34pm

      Abdullah, salaam, Imam Daayiee Abdullah here. I agree with you wholeheartedly–and why wouldn’t I–since your have duplicated my words almost 100 percent. I do think people should through an act of respect to mention from whom they have learned or are quoting. As the gay Muslim movement did not begin in the Middle East, but in the North American west, so there are many persons, men, women, bisexuals and transgender, who have stood publicly to challenge the status quo that Qaradawi’s gangs of ill-will choose to instigate–talk about making a choice. Nonetheless, as the concept of being gay and Muslim spread to other parts of the world, the gay Muslim movement has developed and up to this point is even a part of the Middle East for there are nascent gay Muslim groups since the Arab Spring (2011). Recognize that these things have evolved over time and those who are the ones who began this movement would greatly appreciate your acknowledgement by mentioning them. Salaam.

  2. …and if the gay world said “Burn all muslims” would there not be an out cry? The gay world has lived and survived such rediculous repression and lack of intelligence. Thank god we are an all- inclusive, tolerent, open-minded community.. maybe Qaradawi could learn a thing or two.

  3. PATRICK DURKIN 20 Mar 2007, 1:58am


  4. Hello allI am gay arab living in Geneva I knew already what this guy thinks and for sure he follows also his master the prince of Qatar as all religous leaders in muslim countris.the worst that some gays after being axposed in thier countris could escape and most of them did not find help .this stupied guy is not the one who can show me Allah .and he should just make comment about jails full of people and they killed and turtured just because they don’t think the same way politicly but he closes his eyes on that and open his mouth wide open when it comes to gays.Ibrahimgay from Libya.

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