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Rice calls for gay marriage “respect”

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Reader comments

  1. it is a freedom

  2. I normally stay away from political stuff, but this is significant. We should be teaching the children of the future, equality for all and protecting everyone’s rights, not taking them away.I think the point of this is fairness to all. Show future generations it doesn’t matter who you are, you deserve a fair and equal opportunity. If it fails it fails, but lets give everyone the equality. I didn’t choose to be gay, nor should politicians choose your lifestyle for you.It goes much deeper than that. This is why we have homophobia, why kids are bashed at school..IGNORANCE. Being gay isn’t a choice, its a choice to live a lie though. Because the government, by taking our rights away as human beings, that gays are treated differently and therefore react differently and feel different. We need to attack the cause and teach future generations, that everyone deserves a level playing field.In time, we will all have fair treatment. Lets keep sending out the message!-Andy HSydney, Australia

  3. Junior Benhur 9 Jun 2006, 2:32am

    I agree with the president that the definition of marriage is only between a man and a woman should not be altered and that definition brings or implies a healthy society.Let us not be deceived by this psychopathic and disoriented personality of some people becoming gay or lesbians. Our government (US) is spending money for diseases such as STD’s; HIV that are supposedly preventable if you turn your wicked ways the right way. Bring back the morality in every person and the society will be healthy again.

  4. Marc McGindley 19 Jul 2006, 7:48pm

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