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California court approves lesbian parental access

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Reader comments

  1. glynis neslen 3 Sep 2007, 12:31pm

    read article with interest. My concern is as to whether the woman who moved to Cornwall to “thwart” the access order supposedly, did so because of heavy pressure by her ex partner in terms of abuse and hatred of the partner, pressure from so called friends and other supporters of the ex partner (all done in the name of the interests of the child), including critisism of the mother’s ability to be a parent, of her mental facilities, etc. I also wonder if there was any help with reconciliation, either to aid the eventual judgement, or to aid the future relationship change.It is sad when couples break up, but I have seen too much vitriole and emotional violence all to gain the right to parent children that are not biologically your own. The trouble seems to be also that differences within a relationship such as race, disability, age, etc often become more acute when children are involved. Maybe lesbians should be more careful, with whom we decide to partner with and resolve potential difficulties before we start having children, because they are affected whether we stay together or part by the love or hatred with which we choose to conduct our relationships. It is surely much better to not use children to hurt each other or the threat of. As lesbians and feminists (which many of us are not) we should surely strive to create a better world for all women to exist in with or without children and that includes loving oursleves and each other.