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Bromley candidate criticised over ‘anti-gay’ election pledge

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  1. Steven Davies 15 Jun 2006, 10:01pm

    Ha ha ha!Isn’t this the same John Hemming-Clark who starred in “The Pieman” a few years ago? – it being a porn film which also starred one Antonia da Sancha who brought down David Mellor’s ministerial career.

  2. Of course he didn’t like The Line Beauty! The subject matter wasn’t the gay sex, it was about a politician, a rather crooked adulterous one, who preferred to blame the “gay houseguest” for his own midemenours. How ironic! There are bigger issues in the world today than two consenting, loving men having sex on tv!I thought this was a free country, I thought people had the right to watch whatever they liked on tv. It might not be everyone’s cup of tea but not everyone has to watch…

  3. Is it just me who reads the headline “Conservatives hold Bromley from anti-gay candidate” to this story as making it sound as tho it were the Lib Dem candidate who was homophobic?

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