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Archbishop warns against gay marriage definitions

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Reader comments

  1. The archbishop is dead wrong. Long before civil partnership laws were enacted the institution of marriage has been eroding for decades with the high rates of divorce and the like. He should stop scapegoating gays and lesbians for society’s ills and look to heterosexuals who are the biggest threat to marriage, not us. This ill-informed man and his followers need to understand that civil marriage is NOT religious marriage. If he and others like him truly believe in equality and democracy, then denying tax-paying gay and lesbian citizens full marriage equality is nothing but discrimination and second-class citizenship. Nothing short of full marriage equality should be available to same-sex couples across the board. If we can pay taxes, service in the military and put our lives on the line for this country, then we should be accorded full citizenshp by granting marriage quality to all of us. Civil Partnerships though a huge step forward towards equality are nothing but another form of class structure, as some call it, sexual apartheid which is what it truly is. My question to Rowan, and even Tony Blair and others is this. If Civil Partnerhsips are supposed to grant all the rights and privileges of marriage, then why is it so hard to call them marriages in the first place, it makes no sense.Robert W. PierceEx-patriate Brit, New York.