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Macy’s removes ‘gay’ mannequins

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Reader comments

  1. Sometimes I just can’t understand people. I mean, okay, it’s a gay pride display, of course it’s gonna be a little on the queer side, folks. And it’s not like they had go-go boys up there, or posters of anal sex… no, it was just the flag wrapped around the dolls waist. And I’ve seen it done with the american flag and no one called it a skirt… and as for the accusation of “man boobs”… They’ve obviously never been to the men’s department, because all male mannequins look like that, they’re fit… these people don’t beleive in gyms either I guess. And really, the only thing ‘raunchy’ or ‘disgusting’ about this entire thing is that Macy’s caved. I know there were plenty of pro-gay activists that called or emailed to rebut the remarks, but I guess Macy’s just values thier straight custumors more…