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BBC governors reject homophobic complaints

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Reader comments

  1. Fiona Bond 7 Jun 2006, 10:32am

    Beat Bullying are going a bit over the top with this in my opinion. The word was obviously NOT used in a homophobic context, it’s a form of slang NOT bullying. I, myself am very much against bullying of any kind and am in support of avoiding any use of language that may cause offence. But political correctness seems to be going too far. Chris Moyles probably shouldn’t have used that word, but I’m with the BBC on this one!!!

  2. richard harris 27 Jun 2006, 8:54pm

    moles is a fat cunt – of corse I use the words fat cunt because many people do, so I hope people arent offended

  3. I’m pleased, Moyles is far to big for his boots so it’s about time he was knocked down a peg or two.Fiona you might not think that it wasn’t homophobic but there may have been kids listening and think that gay = crap. I work at a leisure complex and I told a kid to pick up some paper he dropped and his mate said “It’s ok mister, he’s just gay” I said to him “What the hell has that got to do with it?”Kids think it’s ok to use the word gay as an insult, it needs to be checked and they need to be told that it is wrong and an insult. But for you and the board of governs at the BBC to say “Oh well it wasn’t meant as insult” it’s not going to stop and kids will axtually think that gay does equal crap!

  4. i dont agree with moyles or the bbc

  5. A parliamentary debate about this issue? Crazy! It’s making this idiot looking too important.

  6. Lynsay EAstwood 4 Jul 2006, 8:44am

    Moyles is a loud mouthed untalented wanker who should have to pay compensation/damages towards the defimation of charactors of fellow “Gays”.Make a public apoligy—ohhhh and castrate the twat 4 fun!!

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