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Evangelicals condemned after comparing gay marriage to ‘marrying a horse’

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  1. It would seem that the biggest threat to marriage are the ones who have access to it, ergo heterosexuals with their rampant divorce rates, spousal abuse/domestic violence, child abuse, extra-marital affairs. The hypocrisy is breathaking, their intolerance nothing but bigotry and ignorance under the guise of religion. These people belong to the past and are not interested in equality or democracy but would rather ram their distorted religious convictions and quotes from the bible to justify discriminating against an entire group of taxpaying citizens. Have they heard of democracy? If they’re so intent on using biblical references, I highly recommend that they go to http://www.fallwell.lcom wherein they will learn that they clearly do not practice what they preach. They use scant, questionable references to homosexuality which I might add were never attributed to Jesus Christ but to common men who are imperfect. If they truly believed in the bible, then they would have to condone killing their wives for adultery or worse yet, their children. The bible is full of these outrageous admonitions. Its interesting how these zealots (the UK’s version of the Taliban) cherry-pick only those parts of the bible to suit their own agenda. They are so transparent and out of touch with the real world.Robert, New York, ex-patriate Brit