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Big Brother accused of exploiting trans housemate

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Reader comments

  1. I cannot bear the fact that for the foreseeable future my living room is going to be taken over by a hoard of people (my grown up kids and friends) sitting on a sofa watching a whole lot of grown up kids and friends sitting on a sofa ….and then there is the football aargh… I shall decamp to Soho for the foreseeable!!! N

  2. Thanks for the info. But I didn’t need it to know that Big Brother is a ludicrous freak show. We have something like this polluting the Belgian tv screen too. Why so much blabla about it in Pinknews? Because a few gays or lesbos prove they can be just as imbecilic as the other participants?

  3. Yes shabbaz has brought shame on his family, but not by being gay, but by being a little unrealistically(sic) over the top. Ask yourself, if you son was gay, you could still go to the mosque and pray (most do). But with a son like shabbaz you would have to find a new mosque, and there is only ONE mosque in Glasgow so we ALL know shabbaz. I guess if the silent 20% of us started acting like shabbaz it would be a good reason to build a new mosque (Near glasgow road)

  4. I’m intrigued by your use of the phrase “honour beating”. Is this something that has been used by family who is the subject of this story? If not, then it’s a disgraceful way to present the story in a way that plays to a prejudiced, stereotypical view of the Pakistani and wider Muslim community. Are we supposed to deduce from this logic that gay people who are not from a Pakistani or Muslim background, are never get beaten up by their families, or that they are never disowned by them? And not to downplay the attack on Shabbaz, but judging by the ridiculous, nauseating way which Shabbaz conducted himself on the box, I’d be quite tempted to go after him with a hammer myself. The sooner this self-serving screaming queen is off the box, the better.

  5. Gangsteress 22 May 2006, 11:35am

    Shabaz needs a slap he is a disrace to da pakistanese

  6. Where did this disgusting, disgraceful and offensive queen ever get the idea that he would be a positive representation of a gay, Pakistani, Muslim man. Shabaz is a disgrace to Pakistanis, a disgrace to Muslims, a huge disgrace to gays and even a disgrace to men.If I weren’t out of the closet, and Shabaz was my only role model, I would either kill myself or go so deep into the closet that I would never see daylight.He disgusts me. I can’t imagine how he could possibly be delusional enough to think that his flaming outrageousness and bad behaviour could be inspiring to anyone…especially anyone gay and Muslim. What color is the sky in his world?For the sake of us all, vote him OUT of the house immediately.

  7. And one last thing: I can’t believe anyone would be so desparate as to pay this nasty queen ten pounds for anything. I’m glad the guy got his money back.

  8. The £10 was probably agreed on beforehand, and then once the punter had to put up with Shabzy for more than 10 minutes he realised that indeed he was the one being used and prompty charged shab £10 and a good kicking, well just beacause..As for getting fines for being a rentboy, I cannot see tye police arresting him for anything but breach of the peace, talking to him would be enough to see that he is incapable of soliciting.I do agree with Bilal in that not all muslim families beat up their sons oif they are gay, in the same way as christianity muslim gays are prayed for and usually forced into arranged marriages in order to ‘cure them’. Perhaps for the lowest denomination they use beatings and hammers, which is exactly the way some white christians deal with their problems ie: violence and beatings.

  9. I’m so glad I live hundreds of miles away from Shabhaz, he makes any queens I seen in my life look very, very tame. He doesn’t really see himself as a role model, does he? I just hope he stays in Scotland and NEVER comes to London!

  10. Shabaz was an entertaining, intelligent extrovert in the house. He never saw himself as any role model for gays or muslims, he was just trying to entertain. Richard is a vile bully who clearly wanted to be the only gay in the village, he wanted Shabaz out as soon as he arrived – Richard is the problem.

  11. 24 May 2006, 5:58pm

    Shabaz was misunderstood intentionally, its a GAME SHOW, people just didnt like the fact that they couldnt control him, and he was getting so much airtime – something they all commented on. You go Shabaz, you did well to face their transparent tactics for as long as you did and good luck to you, you made us laugh xxxx

  12. Jenny in Plymouth 31 May 2006, 8:32pm

    Why do people watch this crap?And to the editors of Pink News, “So far the housemates seem to assume that Sam is a woman”. For trans women everywhere, thanks for that. I’ve already had a couple of lads at work talking about the new “bloke” on BB, nice to see Pink News can do the same. Albeit with far more subtlety. I’ve managed to get them to shut about lesbians, and to a certain extent gay men, can you tell me how I can stop them from being so insulting towards trans people when even the LGB media are like this?

  13. jennifer reid 3 Jun 2006, 10:19pm

    i don’t think this is right because if the people who suffer these medical conditions feel that they will be effected by any means in the big brother house then they should have thought more about goin in to the house to begin with.

  14. why is shabaz a disgrace to muslims? just because he’s gay!! so what. people tend to say that its a disgrace just because its a sin according to islam. but people out there committ sins all the time. people need to realise that u cant pick and choose which sins are greater then others. hes human and is entitled to live the way that he muslim too and straight but believe that everyone has a choice to live how they want and those saying shabaz is a disgrace to muslims are hypocrites becaue i can guarantee that they dont abide my every rule in islam. take it easy

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