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Bush backs bill limiting anti gay funeral protests

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Reader comments

  1. jon fistarus 2 Jun 2006, 11:19pm

    Bush does not back the anti-homosexual funeral ban. He backs anti-protesting at soldiers killed in Iraq. Bush is still a bigotted asshole.

  2. Fabien Denry 11 Nov 2006, 2:30am

    Forbidding this sort of display seems the logical thing to do but doing so would be wrong. No matter how nauseating it is, free speech must prevail. Limiting any group for any reason could result in limiting the rights of other groups, including our own. We have seen enough of this during this administration, where only pre-approved people are allowed at Presidential’s appearances. What should be done however is to have reputable media reporting on these people, showing their faces on the news, interviewing them, letting them spill out their ignorance and their hatred, “in the name of God”, in the open, for everyone to see. You will see the rest of the Baptist churches getting them back in line very quickly, for fear of hurting the Baptist reputation and especially, their revenue. Any show of bigotry hiding being the flag or the bible should be exposed.

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