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Bible allows gay marriage, bishop claims

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Reader comments

  1. Anders199 1 Jun 2006, 1:35pm

    Fair dues to Bishop Harries for trying to state the obvious, because the bible does not condemn homosexual relationships in the way that the evangelical fundamentalists say it does.However, I do wish the whole thing would be seen for the irrelevance that it is. The Church of England has a tiny percentage of the population as church-attending and it would do well to see it’s lack of importance in the day-to-day life of most folk.Better it and it’s sister-church in Rome lie down and do the decent thing, die.

  2. Rev. S.Samuel 5 Jun 2008, 6:40pm

    God is love. Jesus never even told to kill your enemy than how u kill a Gay Man or Gay woman? God loves LGBT comunity . Praise God.

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