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25 May 2006

  • 25th May 2006

    Gay teacher sacked for revealing sexuality

    Employees at the school are contracted not to violate church doctrines

    12:00 AM — A Catholic high school teacher has been sacked after revealing that he is gay on a website.Bishop Gorman High School in Las Vegas school claimed Jeff Crouse had violated teachings of the Catholic Church when he declared his sexuality on blogging website myspace.com and said he was looking for "straight-acting single men."

  • Two gay and lesbian soldiers discharged a day

    The US army operates a “Don't Ask Don't Tell“ policy when it comes to gay recruits

    12:00 AM — The American military discharges two lesbian, gay and bisexual recruit's a day, according to a report.New data obtained by Servicemembers Legal Defence Network (SLDN) indicates the armed forces continued to discharge two lesbian, gay and bisexual military personnel per day in 2005.

  • Pensioners make date to exercise ‘homophobic’ right 1

    Pensioner Joe Roberts, 73 and his wife Helen, 68, are demanding £10,000 compensation for being denied the rights to freedom of expression and to hold religious beliefs

    12:00 AM — A Christian couple who planned to sue their local police and council for the right to be anti-gay, have been granted a court date for next month.The retired couple, devout Christians Joe and Helen Roberts faced a police investigation for "potentially homophobic" comments last December after objecting to Wyre Borough Council's stance on gay issues.

  • Schwarzenegger may veto gay history

    California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger may block a “gay history” bill

    12:00 AM — California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger plans to block a "gay history" bill, according to reports.The law would have included sexual orientation on a list of requirements, including gender and race, which schools in California cannot ignore or discriminate against and must recognise positively in textbooks.

  • Gay groups plan to confront Pope

    Pope Benedict XVI is expected to urge people to stay true to the Catholic faith

    12:00 AM — Minority groups in Poland are to tell the Pope to stop Catholicism being forced onto people, as he makes his first official visit to the country today.Activists from backgrounds such as the gay and Jewish community believe Poland is becoming the less tolerant member of the European union amid gay bar closures, bans of organisations and increasing anti-Semitism.

  • UN rejects gay representation

    ILGA is also asking LGBT groups which are not member of its federation of 500 LGBT groups to apply for observer status at the UN

    12:00 AM — Two gay groups were denied observer status to act as a non governmental organisation (NGO) by the United Nation's Economic and Social Council (ECPSOC) this week.Despite support from the US, LSVD, the German lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) federation and the International Lesbian and Gay Association's (ILGA) applications to obtain observer status at the United Nations were rejected.

  • Elton John’s musical faces early end

    Elton John's show was labelled “laughable” and “deadly dull” by the Hollywood Reporter

    12:00 AM — Just days after Elton John's gay sitcom was dropped, his Broadway musical is now set to close.Lestat, a musical, based on Anne Rice's Interview with the Vampire books, will end this weekend after just 39 performances and 33 previews.

  • Gay activists to defy Moscow Gay Pride ban 4

    Moscow Pride will take place this weekend

    12:00 AM — Human rights campaigner Peter Tatchell will join Russian gay activists and defy a ban on this weekend's Gay Pride march in Moscow.Despite the Moscow mayor's threat of mass arrests, and the threat of violence from nationalist and religious leaders, Mr Tatchell and other international human rights activists will join the historic first Gay Pride march in Russian history. It will take place this Saturday, 27 May, which is the thirteenth anniversary of the 1993 abolition of Soviet-era laws against male homosexuality.

  • Gay MP apologises over ‘insensitive’ Hutton auction 1

    Chris Bryant, MP for Rhonnda,  released a statement last night expressing regret for any distress caused

    12:00 AM — Gay Labour MP Chris Bryant and James Purnell have apologised after auctioning a copy of the Hutton report, following condemnation from the House of Commons.Mr Bryant, MP for Rhonnda and Mr Purnell, MP for Stalybridge Hyde, released a statement last night expressing regret for any distress caused after the document which investigated the death of scientist David Kelly, fetched £400 at a Labour Party auction last week.

  • ‘Best and brightest’ gay students awarded scholarships

    The Point Foundation, which provides financial support, mentoring and hope to meritorious students who are marginalised because of their sexual orientation or gender identity, awards around $30,000 to individuals

    12:00 AM — Gay support group The Point Foundation has today granted 30 scholarships to outstanding gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) students.The Point Foundation, which provides financial support, mentoring and hope to meritorious students who are marginalised because of their sexual orientation or gender identity, awards around $30,000 of funding, mentoring and leadership training to each individual recipient.

  • Senate proposes new Massachusetts gay commission

    The Commission on Gay and Lesbian Youth was first created by former Governor William Weld through an executive order, which makes it impossible to dismantle without a new order issued by Mitt Romney

    12:00 AM — More than a dozen Senate lawmakers are calling Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney's bluff by proposing a new state commission on gay and lesbian youth that would operate out of his reach, just weeks after the governor threatened to abolish the current 14-year-old commission.The Senators, including three Republicans, are backing the proposed budget amendment, angered by Mr Romney's threat to do away with the first of its kind coalition as a means of making budget cuts.

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