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European court backs transsexual pension rights

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Reader comments

  1. Zeke, Florida USA 27 Apr 2006, 1:27pm

    So let me get this straight. This woman went to court for sex discrimination because she was not getting her pension at 60 because the government was considering her original sex as male, which would mean she wouldn’t be eligible for her pension until 65. The court rules that she, as a woman, is being discriminated against on the basis of sex, by not allowing her to receive her pension five years ealier than she could if she were a man because, “the right not to be discriminated against on grounds of sex is one of the fundamental human rights.” AM I THE ONLY ONE HERE WHO FINDS THIS TO BE IRONIC AND OUTRAGEOUS?How can a court rule that you have to give a woman her pension five years earlier than a man because to not do so would be sex discrimination?I’m not English, but from what I’ve seen of English law, especially family law, English men must be totally castrated. Where are the lawsuits by men, based on sex discrimination, to challenge this sexist law? Are English men OK with this biased, unfair and sexist law?