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Gay church prays for gay marriage

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Reader comments

  1. Robert W. Pierce 5 Jan 2006, 2:44pm

    The bigotry and hypocrisy is breath-taking indeed. I don’t recall Jesus Christ ever condemning homosexuality. If these self-righteous zealots truly believed in the bible, there would be no divorce and husbands would be allowed to murder their wives and children. I suggest he goes to the website where he will find numerous bibilical references aimed at heterosexuals, more than anything associated with heterosexuality. Its truly amazing how these right-wing zealots cherry-pick references from the bible to advance their own misguided agenda to promote hatred, intolerance and violence against an entire community of people. Robert, New York City.

  2. I feel ashamed to be a Catholic when I read articles like this. Have these people never read their Bibles? Jesus said, love one another, not engage in vile homophobia against people who are trying to live decent lives….

  3. Mel Stillman 11 Oct 2006, 2:37am

    This outburst by a Catholic Bishop is just another addition to the tirade of the Catholic Church hierarchy. It is ill informed and at best ‘sour grapes’ because the Catholic Church – the arbitor of all morals! – cannot get its own way in Society. Society and legislators have wised up at the stance of these ‘dressed up’ bishops who try to coerse law makers to bend to their laws. Apart from the Bishops stance, how bloody indiscrete to use a gathering of law makers to peddle their trolley – note the trolley’s wheels have all fallen off – because the last one has just fallen off, thanks to Bishop Tartaglia!!! Maybe if Bishops were more possitive and upbeat they may realise that giving a small disinherited gay minority the freedoms and rights heterosexuals have in marriage, would NOT undermine their rights. Heterosexual marriage, if breaking down, is not the fault of gay unions, it is because heterosexuals are doing a good job of it themselves! Come on Bishop, instead of accusing lawmakers of losing sight of God’s will, perhaps you should take your own advice and be very afraid that you have lost God’s will… But hey, three cheers for Bishop Tartaglia for promoting and advancing the fall of the Holy Roman Catholic Church. Horrray, horray, horray. Here’s an action to take, find out the Bishops email address and send him your emails of protest…..

  4. Mel Stillman 11 Oct 2006, 2:43am

    Subsequent to my comments on Bishop Tartaglia’s outragious comments to lawmakers, I suggested as a response to email the Bishop (note he is a new Bishop) so here is his email address, I hope you do…..

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