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‘Queer’ memorial to remember gay holocaust

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  1. D. Collins 16 May 2006, 2:57pm

    Homosexual men were forced to wear pink triangles. Homosexual women were forced to wear black triangles. Making everything pink makes gay lesbians invisible. Also, I don’t think the people we are paying homage to (gays and lesbians of that era) would have appreciated being called the modern slang term queer. In my opinion, using that word makes the agenda broader than the stated purpose of the memorial.

  2. A little know and rarely published fact about the liberation of the camps, by the allies, near the end of the war was that pink triangle prisoners where not released when the rest of the camps prisoners were “liberated”. The pink triangle prisoners were deemed by the allies to be “justifably incarcerated” because they were in violation of the German penal code criminalizing homosexual behavior. The pink triangle prisoners remained incarcerated for 6 to 9 months more before being released, which doubtlessly was the last straw for some who must surely have died of dispair and hopelessness. This information came from an “Angles Newspaper” article in the mid 1980’s – the local gay/lesbian community newspaper of Vancouver, British Columbia. It was the result of an interview with James Steakley a noted gay historian from the Univirsity of Wisconsin in Madison, Wisconsin.

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