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Spain grants transsexuals new identities

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Reader comments

  1. > Spain grants transsexuals new identities > > 12-May-2006 Marc Shoffman > > Transsexuals in Spain will be allowed to change identity > documents without undergoing sex change operations, according to > reports.And comes on top of existing laws that already allow full change of legal sex after sex reassignment surgery. So the significance is that the danger in having apparently inappropriate identity documentation before that, or if that is not to eventually happen (as with transgender people), is to be removed, although conservatively. In comparison, the UK has changed the most commonly used documentation – passports, driving licenses and national insurance details – upon solely a doctor’s writing that they believe the change of gender role will be permanent, for decades. > The law is expected to be produced this summer and will allow a > man to undertake a woman’s identity and vice versa if they can > live as the opposite sex for 18 months and be approved be a > psychiatrist.I guess Pink Paper journalists still have no idea what transsexuality is about, and presumably, since there is so much information around, they must not want to know. But describing a transsexual woman living in role prior to surgery as a “man” is about as insultingly offensive as you could possible be. > It comes just a year after Spain introduced gay marriages for > same sex couples.Actually they opened marriage to all consenting adults. They very specifically did not create a separate category of “gay marriages”. What a shame The Pink Paper doesn’t even understand the significance of that act of equality for all. > Although it will not apply to social security , the law will > avoid problems transsexuals usually encounter with identity > documents.Although most of those who will benefit will be transgender people. who are unserved by the existing law’s requirement for reassignment surgery. > In July 2005, Spain became the third country to legalise same > sex marriage, after the Netherlands and Belgium.Actually it became the fourth, unless there is some reason The Pink Paper feels Canada doesn’t qualify as a country? But considering you are carrying stories about a couple married in Canada suing for their marriage to be recognised in the UK as a marriage, I guess it was simply incompetent reporting.

  2. Ummm hate to tell you this but Canada IS a country and equal marriage has been a fact of life here for a number of years now. You really need to start doing your homework before you put something down as a news article.

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