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12 May 2006

  • 12th May 2006

    Inspector denies homophobia

    Mr Stokes said his partner was warned against seeing him and was arrested after 12 police officers raided his flat

    12:00 AM — A police inspector has denied being homophobic towards a gay officer.Ben Stokes, 23, a former member of the Nottingham Police claims he was discriminated against after his sexuality was revealed when he started a relationship with a male teenager.He told an employment tribunal this week of a visit from professional standards unit inspector Steve Payne to his flat, "Shortly after arriving at my apartment, Inspector Payne said 'so this is the gay village of Nottingham, is it?'

  • Spain grants transsexuals new identities 2

    The move by  Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero's government, is being welcomed by transsexuals

    12:00 AM — Transsexuals in Spain will be allowed to change identity documents without undergoing sex change operations, according to reports.The law is expected to be produced this summer and will allow a man to undertake a woman's identity and vice versa if they can live as the opposite sex for 18 months and be approved be a psychiatrist.

  • Pair admit murdering gay barman 2

    Jody Dobrowski, 24, assistant manager at Bar Risa Jongleurs, in Camden, was found unconscious in south London last year and died in hospital with head, neck and facial injuries

    12:00 AM — Two men have pleaded guilty to murdering a gay barman on Clapham Common.Unemployed Thomas Pickford, 25, and decorator Scott Walker, 33, both of no fixed address admitted killing Jody Dobrowski in October 2005 after earlier denying the charge.

  • Dead teen had “evil streak”

    He was due to testify against Frederick George Rix, 78, who was eventually found not guilt of sexually assaulting Mr Light in 1996, after the jury could offer no evidence

    12:00 AM — A gay teenager who was killed days before giving evidence against a man accused of sexually assaulting him had an "evil streak," his alleged attacker claims.The skeletal remains of Arron James Light, 17, were found in a shallow grave in Sydney in March 2002 after being reported missing since December 1997, an inquest into his death has brought forward allegations that he was a prostitute.

  • Report seeks Irish gay unions

    The report concerns couples cohabiting outside of marriage, including both opposite-sex and same-sex partners

    12:00 AM — Civil partnerships should be implemented in Ireland according to human rights laws, a report recommends today.The Irish Human Rights Commission produced their findings, which assessed the adequacy of current Irish law with international human rights standards, to the Minister for Justice, Equality and Law Reform, Michael McDowell.

  • Newsagent cheesed off by lesbian sandwich questions 1

    Aruna Majevadia, had been providing sandwiches in her Brighton shop for two years(Credit: sunrise1002)

    12:00 AM — A newsagent was shocked this week after being asked to disclose her sexuality when completing a form related to selling sandwiches.Aruna Majevadia, had been providing sandwiches in her Brighton shop for two years, but was amazed when the council sent her a form to complete regarding hygiene standards, which asked for her nationality, religion and sexuality.

  • Residents despair after discovering gay paedophile neighbour 3

    William McIntyre, 63, and his boyfriend, Geoffrey Taylor, 50, were jailed by Wood Green Crown Court for six years after sexually abusing a 13-year-old boy

    12:00 AM — Enfield residents are demanding to know why they were not informed about a convicted paedophile and his gay lover living in their area for 20 years unchecked, as vandals begin to target the couple's flat.William McIntyre, 63, and his boyfriend, Geoffrey Taylor, 50, were jailed by Wood Green Crown Court for six years after sexually abusing a 13-year-old boy, who came forward seven years later.

  • Weimar Triangle targets homophobia

    The leader of the German Green Party, Claudia Roth, said: “Europe must react to anti-democratic changes in Poland just as it reacted when a populist Jorg Heider joined Austrian government“

    12:00 AM — Gay groups, politicians and journalists from France, Germany and Poland have created a "Gay Weimar Triangle" to combat homophobia in Europe.The organisation refers to a 1991 political agreement between the countries, it was set up after a meeting in Berlin, Germany last week.

  • Australian gay couples get civil union law 1

    ACT leader, John Stanhope, said the law will still “deliver recognition, without conflicting with or changing the meaning of marriage”

    12:00 AM — Gay groups in Australia are celebrating a landmark law passed in the Australian Capital Territory last night giving same sex couples the right to civil unions for the first time.The local assembly approved the bill in a late night vote yesterday.A spokesman for Federal Government Attorney General Phillip Ruddock, who along with Prime Minister John Howard had vowed to block the law, told the Associated Foreign Press, the government was happy with the changes made.

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