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Ohio limits homophobic funeral protests

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Reader comments

  1. Shirley Phelps-Roper 30 Apr 2006, 2:51pm

    You dopes – this is a sister and her little brother. Get a grip. Their mother was standing a few feet away from them with a sign that said – America is Doomed, God is America’s Terror and Thank God for Maimed Soldiers! Stay tuned.

  2. Get out of America!! Thank God for our soldiers!!!!! If it wasn’t for our soldiers America would be in shambles. AMERICA THE BEAUTIFUL!!!!You protestors are a minute minority and your opinion doesnt matter. SHAME ON YOU!!!!!!! HOPEFULLY I WILL SEE YOU IN HEAVEN IF NOT I’LL BE LOOKING DOWN ON YOU. I WILL KEEP YOU IN MY PRAYERS.

  3. Fred Phelps, you are sick! And you don’t know our God at all!It breaks my heart to read this article! Yes, God is against homosexuality, but I also believe that He is against your treatment of the families of our dead american soldiers. How sick and cruel you are! How would you like people to talk to you upon the death of someone you love, in this same manner? And if vengance is God’s, then what in the world do you think your doing? And where is the love of God that your supposed to be demonstrating? And what gives you the right to place the sin of one person onto another? Our soldiers are out there dying for you and this whole country, and you show your respect in this manner! I am so ashamed of you! And using children to do your dirty work under the title of christian makes me sick! No wonder people don’t want to have anything to do with Jesus and Christianity now days! It’s churches like yours and your self-righteousness and your stupid doctrinal beliefs that keep people from coming to God. May God have mercy on you all!

  4. I am a soldier going on my second tour next week and I do it for scumbags like you. I have never had homosexual tendecies and yet you belittle soldiers like me? Who are you? Who are you to use god in your belifes ? How dare you. The lord will come down on your soul. When the rapture does come, it will be people like me who serve the people of this country in anyway possiable. If your town was to get hit by tornadoes, it will be the Military who will come to your aid. Think about that you scumbag.

  5. Just so you all know the military have children and are married so where do you get fags out of that I think maybe you all should go to war and stand where all these people are who are protecting you.. and you stand in there place. you are not god fearing people because you have no right to judge anyone. these people are dieing for you and you have no idea what the hell you stand for.get a grip! you should be shot for your so called way of thinking your so self rightous. god doesnt belive inhate so your a little sick. you will have your judgement day..

  6. I think its pretty rediculous what your doing. God may have not intended for people to be gay, but the bible says no matter what he will still love everyone.. REMEMBER?? If you think your doing the right thing by ruiening funerals you are absolutley insane.. when in the bible does it say anything what so ever about punishing people for god..?!? if god wanted to punish someone, dont you think HE would just do it?? And who says all soilders are gay? many of them have families, and would still like nothing more than to fight for the U.S. and who are they risking their lives for?? People like you? I hope you realize when ever theres a fire, or huge disaster they call in soilders. Every time. Didnt think of that? Now did you? Then your talking about drving all the way to Huntsville Alabama to protest at a 17 year olds funeral, who died in a horrible bus crash.. now how do you explain that?? you say that God is punishing them, and so thats why they died.. THats not at ALL true. If you truley believe in god and are strong in your FAITH, AT ALL!!! you know that god wouldnt do that. I dont understand how or why these people died so suddenly, But just because i dont understand it, i dont beleive its god!! i really dont. IF anyones going to hell for being gay, its you. Just think what god thinks about you doing all of this… i dont think he’d be to proud.

  7. Listen up all of you poor lost souls… step back and look at what you are doing for a minute. You want to say that God is your reason for protest but you are the very ones taking him out of schools and the government. You are the ones that changed the saying to Happy Holidays instead of Merry Christmas to be politically correct. What is going through your minds when you think up this rediculous crap? Why are you trying so hard to be politically correct when you appearantly don’t care about what the government is doing for you? The military is protecting your right to freedom of speech, religion, ect… but you are trying to destroy them. What sense does that make? You have so many oppions of your own but what you really need to do is think of others and how they effect you. If it wasn’t for the military then you wouldn’t have the rights to say or do these things. We would be ruled by a dictator and they would chop your hands off or worse for something like this. You should pray for every soldier because they pray for you. As for the gay people you are against…why are you so worried about what they are doing? Them being gay doesn’t effect you in the least. Let them do what they want, it’s their right because the military helps us keep a free country. If you are true Christians you know that you aren’t supposed to judge anyone… that’s God’s job. Think about it… GOD BLESS AMERICA,THE REST OF THE WORLD, AND YOU!

  8. oh no the fundies have found us – in spades!Listen all you god-botherers – we’re here, we’re gay (LBT) and we’re not going away.We fight in wars, we pay taxes, we have families, we make happen lots of the things that make society work.I can’t tell you to FOADIAF because this isn’t my site, but I will advise all serious debaters to ignore these hijackers – they get you into pointless discussions – they don’t respect us, they don’t like us, hell! they don;t even rreally want us to change because we give them a scapegoat! They just want to insult us, and rile us, and interfere

  9. William - Dublin 4 Jan 2008, 11:09am

    What’s it with all the rapture and god talk?God bless America… He’d have to, what with religious muppets living there who are so in need of any form of guidance.To all you god ranters out there: I doubt God blesses those who chose to be ignorant. Its a choice, you know, you weren’t born ignorant, you chose to be ignorant. And ignorance is sinful. God has said many times in the bible he hates ignorant people, so repent and get a education.

  10. Robert, ex-pat Brit 4 Jan 2008, 2:01pm

    William, the U.S. is one of the few western countries that does not have state religion, yet it behaves as if it does. The christo-fascists refute the American constitution wherein it states that there shall be no provision for state religion, therefore it must be apart from government. No American candidate can run for office of the presidency unless he or lately “she” demonstrates a belief in a supreme deity, it would probably be impossible for any to be taken seriously let alone be a viable candidate. Its a sad commentary, but those are the facts. Religion is allowed to permeate and corrupt the political system because the majority of the electorate are not that sophisticated as we in western Europe are where state religion is the norm oddly in most of the member states.For a society that upholds separation of church and state, its ironic that reference to god appears on the currency, in court rooms where you will see..”in god we trust” behind the judge’s chair. The pledge of allegiance never mentioned a deity until the 1950s when it was included and which all school children are required to recite in the classroom. Naturalised citizens also are required to recite the pledge irrespective of their beliefs in a deity. God Bless America is a song as well as a mantra that all presidents invoke when they address the nation. Its very conflicted but that’s the state of affairs here.

  11. Robert, ex-pat Brit 4 Jan 2008, 3:08pm

    Bill, where on Equality California’s homepage do you find a link to get a listing of their staff? I see none. Whoever Tomas is, I doubt if that’s his real name. I would have thought the editor of their website would have posted here rather than Tomas of they had an axe to grind.

  12. William - Dublin 4 Jan 2008, 3:24pm

    Hi Robert. Indeed, from what I have seen of the US on many visits, it seems to be fear and ignorance that promotes this gad ranting in most of its citizens. Not to mention the dollar has the words “Novus Ordo Seclorum” on the back… talk about advertising your intentions!

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