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Lesbian FCUK ad fails to boost sales

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Reader comments

  1. Barb Elgin 11 May 2006, 9:10pm

    what are u suggesting? that there is a tie between the lesbian ads and a drop in sales? you don’t mention however, if the rest of the industry is booming today or, like this company, suffering, however you did say the ad was created in the hopes to spur an increase in sales, due to the down market from the year before.also – where were these ads shown? perhaps if the ads were classier (and not so raunchy), you’d get a better response. certainly, as a lesbian myself, i hate that the word lesbian is so often equated with violence and sex in the media. perhaps because men run the media? you know how ‘literal’ certain people can be, especially conservatives! the average person just doesn’t ‘get it’ yet, so you have to start less ‘controversial’!

  2. and I never even saw the advert!!!

  3. I think the advert cost them sales. Lets face it, it woudl only have worked if the target had been lesbialns, but FCUK clothes clearly drip woman-man attraction…

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