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Lib Dem gay scandal blamed for Winchester loss

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Reader comments

  1. Zeke, Florida USA 27 Apr 2006, 1:48pm

    I wonder what the reaction would be if a man did an interview where he talked about hitting his wife when he found out that she had had an affair. I wonder if it would be as much of a non-issue as it is when a woman casually mentions that she hit her husband after finding out about his affair. Is it only assault or domestic violence when it’s man on woman but not when it’s woman on man. Is it OK for a woman to physically assault a man as long as she has a good reason or is any reason at all acceptable? Is there ANY instance where it is acceptable for a man to assault a woman? I don’t believe so, but I’m having a bit of trouble understanding the double standard, especially in a society that prides itself on its supposed gender equality. Frankly, I think physical assault against men should be considered as unacceptable as a physical assault women.

  2. Zeke, Florida USA 8 May 2006, 5:40pm

    What a load of rubbish

  3. Isn’t male prostitution legal in the UK? I don’t see what the problem is. I guess he should have let his wife know, and hopefully he practiced safe sex — if he didn’t that would be a big deal. But otherwise, what’s the big deal?

  4. He might as well resign. Look what a help he’s been to the Tories in Winchester (Thanks for that, by the way). Hardly a rimming, er, ringing endorsement of the FibDumbs, is it?

  5. Mark Oaten is still living in denial of his actions. The sign of a mature person is one who takes full responsibility without blame on anyone. I counted three sources of blame. The final one relating to his position in the LibDem cabinet takes the buscuit. If life was such a hell for him, why didn’t he resign and do something else with his life? Instead, he allowed his name to go forward for the leadership contest. Cake and eat come swiftly to mind. No one kept him there except his need for power and status. I wonder what he would have thought of his wife, if she had done what he did? And how much forgiveness he would have had for her from his lofty seat of power?

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