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Gay councillor loses seat after alleged homophobic campaign by Labour

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Reader comments

  1. This article has nothing to do with his sexuality, it’s about him posting naked and sexually graphic pictures of himself on the internet. An unwise move for any straight/gay/bi-sexual/whatever individual in the public eye.

  2. As said above, the article has nothing to do with his sexuality, but with his naked photos around the net.Councillor Anglin is trying to spin it as Labour was homophobic just to win the simpathy vote.

  3. Jenny in Plymouth 2 May 2006, 6:23pm

    It’s still typical of Labour tactics nowadays though, as they are feeling the effects of their incompetence and paranoia in falling support and increasing bad press. Personally, Labour are not welcome at my front door anymore during elections. Their crap foreign policy, their control freak ID database scheme, their mismanagment of the NHS and then trying to blame clinicians, their disgraceful treatment of the education system, their MPs ongoing stupidity, toadyism and lack of principled intelligent actions, and the appallingly anti-democratic anti-terror legislation they have got through using fear and British peoples’ distrust of foreigners, all go to show that these people cannot be trusted to play either by the rules or within a democratic remit. There is a reason Labour’s support is falling fast in this country, and it is because they are NOT operating in the best interests of the electorate. People have woken up to the lies and hypocrisy of Blair and his stormtroopers at last. Let’s not forget, Josef Stalin wasn’t homophobic either.

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