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Gay candidates await local council results

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Reader comments

  1. well what goes around comes around. I used to live in the apartment below Emile in Fulham. He was quite possibly one of the most inconsiderate and unpleasant neighbours you could imagine. how he was ever allowed to represent the public, god alone knows.

  2. Tim Roll-Pickering 15 Apr 2006, 7:31pm

    Every set of local elections brings with it a round of candidate selections and sometimes sitting councillors get deselected. Occasionally they will make a hue and cry about this and seek whatever makes them sound like victims to the outside world who don’t know the details, rather than admit their real misdemeanours.One of the candidates selected to stand in Amanda Lloyd-Harris’s ward is a single mother – she’s not the only one!

  3. Behind every political agenda is another hidden agenda. Will we the Public ever be told the full truth by any politician ? If what appears to be a decision based solely upon discrimination, then this decision is to be deplored. Or has Mr Cameron reason unknown to us for his decision.

  4. Antony Lillis 28 Apr 2006, 2:23pm

    Dear Sir, I read with great interest your article on the ´de-selection´ of two Hammersmith and Fulham Conservative Councillors (13th April) on the alleged basis of their sexuality and gender. I am an openly gay Conservative Councillor in Hammersmith and Fulham and have been for the past 16 years. I am also a supporter of David Cameron and voted for him in the leadership elections. Finally, had there been the homophobic comments made by members of the selection committee as is alleged by Mr Al-Uzazi, I would not be writing this as a confirmed candidate for the Conservatives in Hammersmith and Fulham seeking re-election in Town Ward. I think Emile Al-Uzazi has done himself a great diservice by trying to play the ´homophobic´ card and having known him for a great many years I am sorely disappointed that he has used his sexuality as a baton to attack the local party. Yours sincerely, Antony LillisConservative Councillor in Hammersmith and Fulham 1990 to date

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