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Mother abducts son to stop him turning gay, court told

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  1. RE: “Mother abducts son to stop him turning gay, court told”The mother, Caren, is a friend of mine. She is not homophobic! This article turned it all around.Her son complained to her about being massaged by his father’s lover, and she got very upset. How would you feel if your 9 year old was being touched inappropriately by an adult?Her ex is wealthy and the courts here in South Florida are very corrupt. I don’t know for a fact, of course, that he bought favors from the judges, but the “proof is in the pudding”. He got the kid (she had custody originally) and was working hard and successfully to bar any contact between her and their son. There is nothing wrong with her mentally–she is a loving, reliable woman, and 15 people testified to that yesterday at her sentencing: her pastor, his wife, other members of her church, friends, relatives, etc. Even the ex-boyfriend of her daughter came out to say how great a person she it.Don’t believe what you read! This is just one more fallout from the demise of democracy in America, and I weep for my country.If you want more about the court situation in America, go to