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Most gay Americans are out, study claims

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  1. Zeke, Florida USA 3 May 2006, 5:23pm

    This has GOT to be the STUPIDIST poll that I have EVER seen. So 97% of people who will identify themselves as gay to a poller say that they are out and that means 97% of gays are out. Am I the only one who sees the holes in this logic. How absurd!! The study should have said 97% of gay people asked say that they are out. I would argue that a very large percentage of people with a homosexual orientation would not identify themselves as gay. Why does this supposedly gay website regurgitate so much outrageous crap? I swear, anti-gay, right-wing, Christofascists sites could take a lesson from you guys.Does anyone other than me actually read this site? Obviously not, since I seem to be the only person who ever posts a comment. That’s actually a good thing since half of the crap you print is bogus.