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Comment: What ever you do, vote for gay rights on Thursday

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  1. Jenny in Plymouth 2 May 2006, 6:03pm

    Having just read the article… who the hell do I vote for then?? Seems all the parties are pro and con LGBTTQI rights. Damn, so I guess my support will be based on another single issue… like ID cards. Tory or Lib Dem? Try again. Electoral reform and the future possibility of a republic then. Lib Dems! I’m happy to vote orange! I like Davie “Boy” Cameron to, but hey, I still bear scars from the Thatcher years.

  2. Matthew Harris 3 May 2006, 10:32am

    I’m a Liberal Democrat candidate for High Barnet ward on Barnet Council. I’m astonished that you recommend a vote for the Conservatives in Barnet. When Barnet Council debated civil partnerships a year or two back, several Conservative councillors absented themselves from the council chamber to avoid voting for or against, as they oppose civil partnerships on religious grounds. Actually I am not gay, although a third of Barnet’s Liberal Democrat councillors are openly gay, as it happens. Your readers should vote for whichever party they think is best equipped to deal with the issues that matter locally, but I would strongly caution against any assumption that Barnet’s Conservative councillors are, as a group, especially well-disposed towards the LGBT communities.

  3. Orion Blue 4 May 2006, 11:44pm

    You could try voting on the that have broader relevance to real life.What is that ‘particular brand’ of politics on offer from the BNP? Is it just like another Coke V Pepsi, McDonalds V Burger King or Apple V Microsoft tpye of ‘branding’ exercise?As regards your quoting the bit of Lumpen Banter concerning “Government lures perverts to bugger British boys!”; that is just a bit of rather tasteless repartee along the lines of Jim Davidson or Bernard Manning.I am not sure what all the Histrionics is about really.

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