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Anti-gay boycott hurts Ford sales

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Reader comments

  1. Zeke, Florida USA 3 May 2006, 7:01am

    It is extremely irritating that this story, which is full of factual errors and right-wing, fundamentalist Christian spin, is printed in a gay publication.Ford stock WAS NOT down 7%. It was down 3%. Which seems bad until you consider that General Motors stock was down 7% and Dymler-Chrysler was down 4%. It is a reflection of the American economy and gas prices and not a reflection of the success of the anti-gay boycott. Ford is actually performing better than the other two major American car manufacturers.Please don’t regurgitate anti-gay talking points without doing a bit of research as to accuracy. We don’t need to help these low lifes.

  2. Zeke, Florida USA 3 May 2006, 7:03am

    He is a link to the facts that I stated in an earlier post:Check it out.

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