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Graham Norton: “I’m too old to be attractive to gay men”

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Reader comments

  1. Zeke, Florida USA 27 Apr 2006, 1:37pm

    I am so sick of hearing older men bitching and whining that “gay men” don’t like older men and gay culture is so youth obsessed. These are the same hypocritical bastards who are constantly on the prowl for a young pretty boy to date. Graham regularly dates men in their early twenties and then bitches that all gay men are obsessed with youth and nobody will give him the time of day. Boo hoo. How about you stop being a hypocrite and look into dating someone your own age Graham, you whiny, egotistical jerk. Instead of always trying to find Mr. Right, try putting that effort into BEING Mr. Right and maybe then Mr. Right will come to you. If you don’t like the gay obsession with youth, then stop feeding the beast.

  2. I think that Graham isn’t too old to be loved, and at least I find him very attractive.For me atleast, It’s more the personality that matters, but you have to be from normal to good looking to be approached by other men, and by especially younger men, like me, who have interest in older gay males.

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