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Vatican bans church service for gays

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Reader comments

  1. Eric S. Arts 26 Apr 2006, 5:17pm

    While not exactly surprising, the news of the Vatican placing a ban on a service due to its “proximity” to a distinctively gay event and the disassociation of itself as a potentially approving entity is just one more repulsive example of the (not-so) Holy Roman Catholic Church, as an organized religion’s self-appointed ability to determine the Will of God. Poor journalism notwithstanding, the waffling stance noted of the rank and file serve as a reminder that “We might work here, but we still want you to like us,” and proves that the playground, as we get older, just gets bigger and the sandbox, dirtier. The dichotomous philosophies of the church have done more damage and contributed to more violence and hatred than most truly care to acknowledge, and most often under the guise of righteousness, when in reality only serving as self-preservation.What or whom is the typical, undereducated, or misdirected human supposed to believe or follow the example of when such mixed messages exist?I pray that God grant more priests like Raymond Gravel (“Priests publicly oppose Vatican gay stance”, Marc Shoffman,, 27 Feb 06) a few hundred extra decibels on the message volume knob in order to drown out the cacophonous drivel of outmoded, separatist thinking, and perhaps a bit more heft to the testicular endowment of Josef Heigl, so that his good intentions may become the building blocks of enlightenment, wisdom and reason, rather than the paving stones to Hell.