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The trouble with a documentary on gay men

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  1. Michael the Archangel of Truth 24 Apr 2006, 11:21pm

    Oh brother! This is a “news” report?It’s amazing how straight men have a pre-conceived notion of what gay men are like and then paint ALL gay men with that same brush. It’s so tedious and fantastic that the report his joker is doing is worthless. How about getting to really know the VAST majority of us who are just so average. NOT into drugs. NOT “into” their looks. And not sex-crazed. (All men are “into” sex –gay or straight). Sure, if you only see those gays who are stereotypes, then yes. You’ll conclude that gay men are all about drugs, looks and sex. The unfortunate part is that the vast majority of gay men are not too keen on letting Britain’s television audience know that they are gay. Only the most “OUT THERE” gays would be willing to do that, considering the prejudice that still exists against gays. So a report such as this one is demeaning to all the hard-working, reasonable, law-abiding gay men and women in Britain. BUt then I suppose that’s exactly what the BBC wants to portray.Michael

  2. Without seeing this documentary, I certainly hope that Mr. Fanshawe’s exploration into “The Trouble With Gay Men” is a lot more researched, thoughtful and in-depth than what is reported to be his simplistic conclusion “that gay men can only embrace the new world by growing out of the drugs and sex and settling down to a more responsible lifestyle.” In other words: just stop doing that!First of all, ALL men are obsessed with sex, straight or gay. There are studies to prove it. It’s biological. However, in straight society you have the female of the species to counter the testosterone driven libidos of the males. In any all-male atmosphere, be it a Fraternity House, a Locker Room or a gay bar, male sexual prowess is talked about, bragged about and celebrated. The fact that it bothers people that gay men celebrate their sexuality should maybe be the subject of a different documentary entitled “The Trouble With a Homophobic Society”.As for drugs? I don’t know whether the statistics support higher instances of drug abuse in gay men than in straight. But I do know that drug abuse is almost always linked with pychological issues of self loathing or low self esteem. Why do gay men seem to have more problems in this area than straights? Perhaps it has something to do with living in a society that not only descriminates against them but in some cases is downright hostile to the point where millions of gay men live in fear for their lives simply because of who they are. Again, see the above not-yet-produced documentary: “The Trouble with a Homoophobic Society”.As for gay men being obsessed with looks? Gay men are no more obsessed with looks than straight men. This is also biological. The males, or the agressors of the species, seek the most healthy and attractive of the females, the more passive of the species, to mate and reproduce with to ensure survival of the race. In modern day straight society this results in women being obsessed with their looks. There are billion dollar industries based on this obsession, almost all of which are owned or controlled by men. (For the plight of women obsessed with their looks, see “Victims of a Patriachal Society”, another documentary yet to be produced.) My point though, is that in a homosexual environment, men are both the agressive and the passive factors in the sexual equation resulting in some men being obsessed with their looks, just as women are in straight society. I sincerely hope that before Mr. Fanshawe does another documentary that draws a ridiculously simplistic conclusion to a very complex issue, he will “settle down to a more responsible” approach to his research.

  3. Actually I thought the programme said some very important things….but of course Simon Fanshawe will be condemmed because he is “off message”…I thought it was very refreshing to hear a gay man talk in a way about many of the things that concern me about gay life. Yes of course there are guys who do not do the sex drugs full time but there is a substanial amount that do. I do not condem that in itself, but it is the degree which is concerning. I hear story after story of sad people whos only recreation is sex and who can really only have sex when they are off their face…I have done and do do these things ( in moderation) so it is not a moral position but when sex drugs are the primary acitivity in anyonesl ife then there must be something wrong…and wake up some of you Crystal meth is a real threat, even if still a growing one. ..just listen to “return to oz” on the Scissor Sisters album…is that want you want to happen to the scene here….I am lucky enough to be partnered and I am so so greatful that I know longer have to immerse myself in a scene which has become ever harder colder and more obsessive on many different levels….and whos fault is it…well much of it, I think may be blamed on the constant negative messages we are given…no wonder high levels of substance abuse as there are so many battered and damaged people…but we could in a supreme effort of liberation lift ourselves out of this and as Simon alluded to grow up and realise that being a teenager beyond 25 (max) is very unatractive.

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