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Film to raise awareness of Crystal Meth dangers to gay community

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Reader comments

  1. Mark Brown 16 Jun 2006, 4:52am

    Oh well, that should ensure that the drug becomes more popular then. Whenever the Home Office meddles in drug policy – especially “re-classifying” – we end up with a confusing mess and increased useHow about a more intelligent response like funding education, treatment etc.Reclassification only ever satisfies police forces as they use it to claim more funding. There is absolutely no evidence that it works

  2. Jim Burroway 15 Jul 2006, 8:36pm

    I am appalled at the headline: “Up to 20 per cent of gay men have tried crystal meth”This is the height of irresponsibility.This is not a broad-based survey of gay men. This statistic came from a tiny minority of men surveyed in specifically targeted venues. The headline should read “Up to 20 percent of gay men surveyed in Central London gyms….”Not as sexy, sure, but the anti-gay press will have a field day with this one.Check out my website for details.

  3. Does “twenty ten per cent of gay men in London” mean thirty per cent?

  4. Check out for an enlightening, PC-free insight into the havoc this drug has wreaked abroad. We cannot afford to let it happen here. Why has our disgraceful London HIV sector allowed meth to permeate the gay scene in London in the absence of awareness campaigns based around its high association with HIV infection, let alone the fact that it is clinically recognised as being the most addictive substance yet? I have so far lost two friends in the UK to meth. How many more lives lost before this drug like no other is finally taken seriously? Use of this drug, incidentally, is rampant at the very same unsafe-sex-on-premises venues which these useless charities have just awarded their seal of approval. It seems that the lunatics are indeed running the asylum…

  5. All Positive Options, arguably the best web site for meth information in the world predicted exactly how meth would infiltrate Britain way back at the beginning of 2007. And nobody paid attention, because the problem was right under their noses yet.In fact, every single prediction All Positive Options has made about the trends with methamphetamine have been spot on. And even though they’re Canadian, they were asked to contribute to the Association Of Police Chiefs Report in Britain. But were their warnings heeded? No.People should start paying more attention to what this organization has to say, because they’ve been right about everything so far. A lot of misery and cost could have been avoided.

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