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Man detained over Caribbean homophobic attack

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Reader comments

  1. Having been in a threatening altercation in a foreign land myself, I have great sympathy for the two men attacked. However, it never ceases to amaze me that some people , when traveling abroad, forget that they’re no longer traveling down the streets of New York that it’s not always safe to show affection to ones partner in the company of people who don’t agree with our lifestyles. We would all like to think that we’ve reached that point, but the truth is….. we haven’t.

  2. Uh, and to the right of the article are sponsored links on Caribbean holidays?You gotta’ be jokin’ ..

  3. Ken Kimberling 16 Apr 2006, 8:29pm

    The following is a letter I sent to the editor of the Herald on St. Maarten. I am including the e-mail address. editorial@thedailyherald.comDear St. Maarten,As exotic travel coordinators, we wanted you to know that we have removed you from our list of possible destinations due to your governments’ handling of the beatings of two Americans leaving a bar on your island. None of us cater to homosexuals in particular, but they are most always among us when we book large events.You are now perceived as a dangerous location along with Aruba, Jamaica, Nigeria, etcetera. Our association can do very little about the safety of our groups when we recommend options for consideration, but we can Black List dangerous spots that embrace such blatant intolerance. Consider yourselves lucky that we can only influence a few thousand travellers. We wish it could be more, but alas, we can only do so much. May your lovely island draw to itself that which it ignores and tolerates.Kenneth L. Kimberling

  4. Zeke, Florida USA 18 Apr 2006, 3:30pm

    I think it’s very telling that it’s the Tourism Board that is making these statements while the government and police officialS remain silent. The tourism people don’t give a rat’s ass about gay people or their safety. They are just worried about those pink dollars evaporating.This story just reiterates what we already know. 1) Most of the Carribean is extremely homophobic and 2) Many gay people could care less as long as they can party, have sex and have a good time.We can bitch and moan all we want, but until gay people stop spending their money on these islands and on cruise ships that travel to these islands, there is ABSOLUTELY NO incentive for them to change.WAKE UP PEOPLE!

  5. Zeke, Florida USA 18 Apr 2006, 3:35pm

    And when I say cruise ships that visit ports in homophobic countries I include (most especially) Atlantis, RSVP and Rosie O’Donnels ships.I just don’t understand gay people paying money to take fun cruises to countries that have, an enforce, laws against homosexuality. To me that’s equivalent to Jewish people going on vacation to Bavaria or Dachau during the Nazi regime.

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