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Transgendered chicken baffles animal experts

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  1. Harry Guyer 31 Jan 2007, 12:36am

    About 14 years ago I purchased twelve Rhoad Island Red laying chicks. This time three years ago I still had six chickens. In the following three months three chickens died and the remainding three remained happy and healthy. I was allowing the chickens to roam my yard this past spring ( Apr 15 ) when I heard one attempt to crow. I turned my attention to the chickens and I saw one stretch its neck and repeat the crowing attempt. In the following weeks the crowng became more mature, the tail went straight up, spurs grew on the inside of the legs.the combe became large and stood straight up. a neckless of colrored feathers ringed its neck, and it acquired a cockie attitude. I had a Rooster !!!!!!! On the 26 th of Sept. I found the rooster dead on the coop floor. There was no indication the rooster was sick . I continued to get eggs fron the hens this past summer. some days I got two, but never three. I would like to hear other stories of sex change chickens. ??????????????

  2. Terry Lockyer 27 Aug 2007, 2:53pm

    I have a Light Sussex hen 5 years old who has changed sex. She has been one of my best layers until this summer when she has stopped laying and started crowing like a cock. When I open the run each morning she (he)? displays to the other hens, tries to mate with them and has developed an erect comb and red wattle.In an attempt to see if this phenomina was generally known I referenced it on google and found this story which seems to mirror my experience.

  3. Does this mean a sex change of gonads or only behavior and secondary sex characteristics?

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