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Fellowship calls for Christian trial of gay bishop

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Reader comments

  1. Not much Christian charity from the Bishop, is there? What did Jesus say: ‘Love your enemy’

  2. That Nigerian Bishop is barely one step away from cannibalism that’s how primitive his worldview is. And what can one say about his pet monkey the spineless Archbishop of Canterbury. Pity the English with their puerile religious leadership.God bless Bishop Gene Robinson. It’s crystal clear the spirit of Jesus resides within him and not the big shots that are trying to put him down.

  3. Does anyone know where we can get tickets for the hangin’?

  4. Sister Mary Clarance 29 Aug 2007, 7:59am

    I think the Bishop has a point (ooh, look at me standing up for a priest, hail Mary, I’ve turned!), and so the oppressed become the oppressers, doesn’t something similar happened with kids that are abused then going on in adulthood to abuse kids themselves?I’m sure there must be some psychologist that logs on who could give us a take on this. Unfortunately the only medical qualification I have is my first aid badge from the scouts and child abuse was not an area we strayed into, not for that badge anyway.

  5. He does not qualify to be a leader according to the Scriptures

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