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Cameron in the pink: Tory leader sees increased support in the gay community

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  1. It really is disheartening that LGBT people are so susceptible to this type of spin from Cameron.Cameron, in his own words, is not in favour of the Gay Rights agenda-‘The Blair government continues to be obsessed with their ‘fringe’ agenda, including deeply unpopular moves like repealing Section 28 and allowing the promotion of homosexuality in schools.’Oxford Journal, 5 May 2000‘Labour has ripped the last recognition of marriage from the tax system by abolishing the married couples’ allowance and spend an inordinate amoutn[sic] of time trying to allow the promotion of homosexuality in schools by repealing Section 28. Blair apparently thinks that because he is lucky enough to have a loving wife, three kids and a new baby, he is automatically ‘pro-family’.’Oxford Journal, 28 July 2000‘The most staggering sentence in the Blair memo is: ‘it is bizarre that any Government I lead should be seen as anti-family’. Why? Blair has moved heaven and earth to allow the promotion of homosexuality in schools and has abolished the married couples’ allowance, taking away the last recognition of marriage in the tax system.’ Witney Gazette, 2 August 2000Cameron will say anything to anyone in order to come across well. At heart, he’s as Tory as they come.

  2. Steve,If you are a representative of the Labour Party, we’d prefer it if you’d contact us through our editorial office rather than through our comment section.The information you quote comes direct from the Dave the Chameleon website that was not yet launched when you posted it.

  3. Not a representative, but a member yes.The website was already up yesterday, and The Guardian ran an article on it yesterday morning- preceding the launch, which is where the quotes are from, absolutely. (you might want to check your timings on the comments section too- I certainly wasn’t posting at 6.32am!)I wanted to comment on the survey, as I do read pink news regularly. The quotes were in handy format from the website; however, they do prove what I was saying.Many thanks.

  4. steve,Thanks for your understanding

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