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13 April 2006

  • 13th April 2006

    £11,500 pay out to bullied teenage sports coach

    £11,500 pay out to bullied teenage sports coach

    12:00 AM — 18 year old Grace Kinsey told a Sheffield tribunal court that she had been teased and bullied by her employer Lee Dickens. "I justfelt ugly. What he said upset me a lot. I was only 17 at the time," she told The Sun Newspaper.Mr Dickens told Ms Kinsey that she was too soft and needed "breaking in", during the time she worked for him during her school holidays. He inferred that she was a lesbian - a comment which lead Ms Kinsey to grow her hair in an attempt to stop people thinking she was gay.

  • Suicide rates down concludes National report

    Suicide rates down concludes National report.

    12:00 AM — The national suicide rate is at its lowest level since records began, according to the third annual report of the National Suicide Prevention Strategy published today.The report shows the most recent suicide rate (for the 3 years2002/3/4) was 8.56 deaths per 100,000 population - a reduction of 6.6% from the 1997/8/9 figures

  • Tories deselect single mother and gay Arab 4

    Emile al-Uzaizi and Amanda Lloyd-Harris both supported David Cameron in his successful bid to become party leader

    12:00 AM — A single mother and a gay Arab have claimed that they were deselected as Conservative party candidates for next months local elections due to prejudice from the right of the party.Both Emile al-Uzaizi and Amanda Lloyd-Harris, who claim to be popular serving councillors, argue that their deselection is due to prejudice from right wing elements of the party in Hammersmith and Fulham. They intend to stand against their old party as independent candidates in local elections next month.

  • Helpline for gay married men

    Helpline for gay married men

    12:00 AM — Gay Project Cork research has shown that of 3,000 gay men living and working in Kerry, many are married and leading double lives.David Roche, development manager for Gay Project Cork said that keeping their homosexuality hidden was a priority for some men: "Many remain married after discovering their true sexuality. "The fear of a negative reaction is the most common reason that gay and bisexual men feel that they can't live full lives in their own community".

  • What do kids think about gay football heroes?

    What do kids think about gay football heroes?

    12:00 AM — PinkNews.co.uk ExclusiveAs a detailed and thorough survey of professional footballers in the UK reveals that 57% consider the sport to be homophobic, PinkNews.co.uk's only slightly less comprehensive children's survey suggests a more tolerant future for gay footballers.Interrupting a kick about in a local playground, the young teens initially giggled when I asked them if sexuality should come into play in football, (my fault - I shouldn't have used the hilarious "s" word), but were happy to talk about their understanding of the "gay footballer" issue.

  • Where are the gay footballers? asks The Independent’s survey

    Where are the gay footballers? asks The Independent's survey.

    12:00 AM — A survey in the Independent newspaper has revealed that most footballers believe that the profession is homophobic.Peter Clayton, chief executive of the Middlesex FA and the only openly gay man on the FA council said: "the main difficulty at the moment is that players are assets, They have a market value, which clubs might feel could be affected."

  • London gay Men’s Chorus to celebrate 15th birthday

    London gay Men's Chorus to celebrate 15th birthday

    12:00 AM — The London gay Men's Chorus is to celebrate it's 15th birthday with a concert on 29th of April at Cadogan Hall, Sloane Square in London."We'll be performing lots of old favourites and things that we're often requested to sing" said ,a member of the choir for 12 years. The programme includes music ranging from Faure's "Cantique de Jean Racine" to Rogers and Hammer stein's "Keep it Gay!"

  • “Frenzy of passion” killer gets 8 years

    “Frenzy of passion” killer gets 8 years

    12:00 AM — A Melbourne woman who stabbed her lesbian lover to death in a "frenzy of passion" has been jailed for eight years.Justice Nettle told the court that Joanne Stenhouse was in a "love-hate relationship, in which you and the deceased appeared incapable of living peacefully together but incapable of living without each other."Ms Stenhouse stabbed her partner Anne Maher to death, on Easter Sunday last year.

  • “Abused” Priest quits Church

    “Abused” Priest quits Church

    12:00 AM — A Roman Catholic Priest who sued his own diocese for alleged abuse by another priest has left the priesthood.John Nesbella cited criticism from other clergy over his decision to highlight the issue of gay priests with his court case, as the reason behind his decision to leave. The move brings to an end a career in the church that has spanned 25 years.

  • Lesbian couple fight to have both names on son’s birth certificate 1

    Lesbian couple fight to have both names on son's birth certificate

    12:00 AM — A Superior Court judge in Monmouth County has denied a lesbian couple's request that both of their names should be put on their baby son's birth certificate.There is an artificial insemination statue in the State, which enables a husband to have his name on his wife's child's birth certificate if he has consented to her artificial insemination by another man. This is the first time that the statue has been tested with regards to gay couples.

  • Brokeback Mountain banned in US prison

    Gay films banned in US prisons

    12:00 AM — A Massachusetts corrections officer found himself in hot water last week when he screened Brokeback Mountain for his inmates.The so-called "gay cowboy" film, was not on a list of approved video material, because it violated official policy of showing sexual content. The officer who pushed the play button now faces a disciplinary hearing.

  • Air Force poster woman dismissed for being lesbian 1

    Air Force poster woman dismissed for being lesbian.

    12:00 AM — After 19 years of service as a flight nurse, Margaret Witt has filed an injunction in U.S. District Court in Seattle suing the military for suspending her for being a lesbian.The case challenges the military's "don't ask, don't tell" policy, which band openly gay personnel from serving.Ms Witt, who has won medals for her conduct during her 19 year career, and has served in the heart of the conflict in Afghanistan, said: "My objective really is to go back to my unit, serve my country and help the injured troops that need."

  • Danny La Rue to take to the stage again 4

    Danny La Rue to take to the stage again?

    12:00 AM — Danny La Rue may well take to the stage again, after making good progress with his recovery from a debilitating stroke earlier this year.La Rue will tour in Wolverhampton in June, quashing rumours that he is too ill to perform at venues around the UK because of a stroke.

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