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Gay group condemns Pope’s “satanic” speech

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Reader comments

  1. Jonathan Moyer 12 Apr 2006, 8:46am

    First off, you’re obviously not used to covering Vatican affairs. Trying to predict something ahead of time isn’t always wise, especially under this Pope. So I’d wait and see before you pass judgement.Secondly, many very normal people believe homosexuals should be denied the “right” to have unions or marriages. Homosexuality is a grave sin, and the vast majority people who have lived throughout human history have believed just that. I’d be willing to bet that the majority of people on earth still do believe that.And you know what? Just because Harvard, Yale and Berkeley graduates have an impressive degree, it doesn’t mean they know anything more about this issue than anyone else. Schooling today orients people towards finding a job in our culture of consumpion … and doesn’t begin to teach us how to live. Homosexuality is either perversion or the result of a lack of male role models. It is essentially proven to be unhealthy (not just speaking of AIDS), yet despite all this evidence, you demand the State (and Church now, apparently – so much for tolerance) to recognize your hedonism.No thanks.

  2. For a man who alludes to intelligence in your comments, you are extremely misguided.The gay community are not asking for a recognition of “hedonism” just like you wouldn’t want the world to see what you do in your bedroom.They are asking for equality and an end to discrimination, something which Christianity is supposed to protect

  3. Jonathan Moyer 13 Apr 2006, 5:09am

    The “gay” (thanks for hijacking that word – it’s homosexual) community is seeking for State recognition of their immoral, dangerous lifestyle. The State has a duty, just as individuals, to pay homage to Almighty God. Anything else is an injustice to the God who granted the State its authority in the first place.Homosexuals are polluting society and eroding public decency.Want to be taken seriously? Stop dressing up like Dorothy and parading around streets of major cities in drag festivals. Not only is that pathetic, it’s the last thing families want to see. Homosexuality has been about one thing and will always be about one thing — sodomy.

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