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Transvestite dies in River Thames

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Reader comments

  1. What a transphobic article. From the article itself, it’s clear she wasn’t a “transvestite” but a transsexual. Further, “pinknews” needs to learn proper pronoun usage. It’s bad enough when the mainstream media is bigoted against trans people. You need to do it too?

  2. We reported the gender of the person involved was described as “male” during the inquest. Therefore that is the term we had to use to describe them.PinkNews

  3. R. Forrester 9 May 2006, 11:52am

    Clearly the inquest stated that this person had family problems which came from wanting to live as a woman. I call that transex, not transvestite.That’s the problem with many news reporting, including gay news reporting.Just because the main news outlet says man, you say oh very well then it must be. Typical cop out. Try taking responsibility and actually learn the differences and why people such as me and the other writer consider it more trans phobic then the main news outlet.sigh…

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