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Exclusive: Christian party may seek to overturn pro-gay laws

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Reader comments

  1. Jenny in Plymouth 2 May 2006, 6:09pm

    Sorry, but as a follower of Christ, these people don’t seem to understand Christ’s message at all. They are not Christians, followers of Christ and believers in His ministry, they are biblicalists. Jesus would never disenfranchise, disavow and condemn others, so why do so many of His so-called followers do so today? I find it very sad, the amount of hate and prejudice generated by other so-called Christians, I really do. Where’s the unconditional love and acceptance? Why has Christ’s message been twisted and erased, when even from the Gospels in the Bible, it is plain what He was teaching. Sorry, soapbox. Let’s make no mistake about this though, people like this are a minority, thankfully. I just wish they could truly feel Christ’s love in their lives, they’d know then, they would understand.

  2. elizabeth veldon 6 Nov 2006, 2:27pm

    Where’s their Christian spirit? They don’t have one. they’re not realy Christians.What’s interesting is that they’ve been praised by Catholic ‘leaders’ and had a right up in the Catholic Observer. They’re a front for the Catholic Church geting into Scotish Politics.I discoverd this group recently and posted it on several forums, sent it to Peter Thatchel, puyt it on Indymedia…they have to be watched.

  3. Douglas Robertson 8 Nov 2006, 9:32am

    Surely it is the of Christianity which are being undermined here, and the misguided of the CPA which is driving this campaign?

  4. elizabeth veldon 8 Nov 2006, 6:52pm

    Surely it is the values of Christianity which are being undermined here, and the misguided ideology of the CPA which is driving this campaign?—i’d say so. About as Christian as spiting on the cross.

  5. “Yet the marriage-based family is a very effective long-term answer to child poverty, adolescent anti-social behaviour, teenage pregnancy and educational underachievement.”

    Erm no its not
    This man is an ignorant git

    “The Christian People’s Alliance (CPA) would not necessarily uphold the laws on gay adoption”
    So it’s better to be in care have a family that doesn’t want you than live with a caring gay couple?

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