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Developer promises gay retirement homes

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Reader comments

  1. It’s amazing how many gay retirement communites in the US are being developed – and also how many of them claim to be “first”!That said it’s apalling that there is no such facility in the UK, even under development – despite numerous studies showing that senior care facilites and senior carers are uneductated at best or downright homophobic at worst – as are many residents of such places.OK so a gay retirement community is not for everyone – but we’ve come a long was since gay lib in the 60’s and your choices may be slam the closet door or suffer hostility.I list over 20 gay retirement and care facilites on my website – I’d love to be able to list more than 3 in Europe – and if the city authorities in Frankfurt and Berlin can build new facilites – why can’t London, Brighton or Manchester, for example?RegardsPaul Editor, GrayGay.comThe place for mature gay men and their admirers.

  2. The Labour Government has been in power in the UK since May 1997 and progress on Gay Rights ,contrary to Labour’s propaganda ,has been very slow and very grudging because of a substantial anti-gay clique in the Cabinet lead by Gordon Brown.The current laws on the statute book have come about because of pressure for human and anti-discrimination rights initiated in the House of Lords ,pressures that this faction could not resist finally because of human rights pressures eminating from the European Parliament in Brussels. What it has meant is that the UK has lagged behind the other major powers in the EU by 3 to 5 years in granting these rights particularly the right to form Civil Partnerships with the appropriate tax privileges and pension rights.What may make a big difference in the future is the recent sudden demographic revelation that there are over 3,500,000 gay adults in the UK’s population of 60 million.That is heap big powerful medecine in political terms – the “Gays” are a helluva lot of voters – bigger than the Asian vote here.Gordon Brown with his customary arrogance will refuse to acknowledge this in any way which will mean ,as is being acknowledged now in Westminster,that he will be the last Labour Prime Minister for quite some years to come.

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