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March 2006

  • 24th March 2006

    Man throws his own penis at police 2

    Man cuts off his own penis and throws it at Police

    12:00 AM — What's worse than having your penis cut off?Having your penis cut off then being stunned by a police Tasar, perhaps?Jakub Fik knows all about that particular brand of misery. Distraught over an argument with his girlfriend, Mr Fik went on a rampage through the streets of Chicago, smashing car windows and breaking into houses. When police caught up with him he cut off his penis, threw it at an officer, and, for good measure, threw the knife at him as well.

  • Cockles and Muscles (Crustaces et Coquillages)

    12:00 AM — Cockles and Muscles is a delightful, light-hearted tale of the intricacies of modern French family life.Set in the sea side resort of Côte d'azur where mechanic father, Marc (Gilbert Melki) and his half Dutch wife Beatrix (Valeria Bruni-Tedeschi) take their son Charly (Romain Torres) to enjoy an idyllic summer in the house that Marc spent his youth.

  • 23rd March 2006

    USA becoming more tolerant towards the gay community 1

    63 per cent of Americans support same sex marriages

    12:00 AM — The USA is changing for the better by becoming more tolerant towards the gay community.In 1996, 65 per cent of Americans opposed same-sex marriage and 27 per cent supported it according to The Pew Research Centre's poll. The independent research organisation latest poll released yesterday conducted on 1,405 adults between 8th and 12th March found that 51 per cent opposed same-sex marriage and 39 per cent supported it.

  • Director for Public Health talks of “escalating” HIV “problem” 2

    Director for Public Health talks of “escalating” HIV “problem”

    12:00 AM — Professor Mark Bellis, director of Public health at the centre for public health at Liverpool John Moores University, spoke out today about his fears over rising numbers of people in his region being in infected with HIV. He expressed his concern that "the true figures were probably even higher because of a slight reporting delay in new cases."The number of gay people being diagnosed with HIV each year has doubled over the last 4 years in Lancashire. Dramatic rises have also been reported in Cumbria, Liverpool and Manchester.

  • Statement from the editor

    12:00 AM — Statement from the editor in relation to a complaint made by 4D Telecom Ltd under section 3 of PinkNews.co.uk's Editorial Policy.On 23 March 2006 we published an article headed "Telecoms company fined after Gay Times advert led callers to child porn", which reported that 4D Telecom had been fined in relation to telephone lines containing under-age gay sex fantasies. We also stated that 4D Telecom had advertised the sex lines in a gay magazine

  • Comment: Why I support free speech even if it mocks me 1

    Peter Tatchell: Why I support free speech even if it mocks me

    12:00 AM — In the run up to a Freedom of Expression Rally to be held at 2pm in Trafalgar Square on Saturday 25th March 2006, Human rights campaigner, Peter Tatchell explains to PinkNews.co.uk readers why he feels free speech is under attack and needs defending.The rally is backed mostly by secular, humanist and libertarian groups, but with support from some left-wingers and liberal Muslims but some of my friends on the left are refusing to take part...

  • Gays not welcome at Rhode Island Cemetery

    Mr Paolino feels that he would like their relationship to be acknowledged.

    12:00 AM — Rick Paolino's gay civil partner Justin died suddenly at home last month and was buried at St Ann's Cemetery. When he went back a month later to order the inscription on the gravestone, he was shocked when cemetery officials turned down his requests for the words "late husband", "spouse" and even "beloved".Bereaved Mr Paolino feels that he would like their relationship to be acknowledged. "

  • Lesbian Tennis star is World number 1 1

    Lesbian Tennis star is World number 1

    12:00 AM — French tennis star Amile Mauresmo was returned to the top of the world Tennis Association Rankings this week. She has been fighting to get back into the top spot since 2004. Now, replacing Belgian play Kim Clijsters as number 1, Ms Mauresmo has high hopes for a Summer of tennis success.In spite of being knocked out of the Dubai Open by unseeded Russian Svetlana Kuznetsova, Ms Mauresmo clawed her way to the top with a 300 point lead over her nearest rival.

  • Bishops still undecided on gay priest issue after retreat

    gay bishop debate rages on

    12:00 AM — As Episcopal bishops end their annual retreat ahead of the 2006 Episcopal Council, the issue of ordaining openly gay bishops is top of the agenda.3 out of 7 candidates put forward in the Diocese of California are living with same sex partners, and arguments about their possible ordination could create an unreachable schism in the Church.

  • Gay hate crime trial starts in New York

    Gay hate crime trail starts in New York

    12:00 AM — In a Brooklyn court room, Dwan Prince looked straight at his alleged attacker as he spoke of his terrifying ordeal on June 8th 2005 when a homophobic attack left him fighting for his life in hospital.The defendant, Steven Pomie, is accused of beating, and stamping on 28 year old Prince. He then left his victim bleeding and unconscious in the street to die, in a hate-fuled crime that has shocked the city.Mr Prince, a former demolition worker and porter now needs to use a wheelchair and has had to give up hope of returning to his former career.

  • Piece of Gay History for sale in Texas 1

    Billed as the Texas's first gay hotel, the building dates from 1946

    12:00 AM — America's first gay and lesbian hotel situated, in a 1946 building has already had 40 enquiries since it came on the market at the end of last year, priced at $1.5 million.Opened in 1999 and designed around a Hollywood theme, the 22 units were named after former movie stars including Marilyn Monroe, Clark Gable and Lucille Ball.

  • Homophobia rife in US police force Amnesty Report claims

    Homophobia rife in US police force Amnesty report claims

    12:00 AM — Thousands of gay bisexual and lesbian people are victims of abuse, discrimination and even torture, claims a new Amnesty International report published today.The report, "Stonewalled - Still demanding respect", is based on extensive interviews that the human rights organisation conducted with gay people, law enforcers activists and lawyers."The interviews reveal a very clear and worrying pattern. Cases of beatings, sexual violence, verbal abuse, harassment and humiliation by law enforcement officials against LGBT people take place," said Amnesty International.

  • Red Cross re-thinks gay blood donation policy 5

    Red Cross re-thinks gay blood donation policy

    12:00 AM — The American red cross are considering repealing a 16 year old ban, preventing gay people from giving blood. It announced that providing the person has not had sex for a year, gay blood donations should be accepted.The American Food and Drug Administration must now undertake a risk assessment process that could see the ban lifted within the next 6 months.

  • Homophobic attack on Clapham Common

    Homophobic attack on Clapham Common

    12:00 AM — A violent homophobic assault on Clapham Common left the victim unconscious in hospital with a broken leg.6 days after the attack, the victim has spoken to Police for the first time about the vicious assault that has left him with serious facial scarringThe 40 year old man was approached on Saturday at 4am as he walked near a wooded area of Clapham Common. He spoke to his attacker, and told him that he was gay. He was then brutally assaulted. A witness alerted the ambulance and the police.

  • Pro gay adoption organisation seeks parents 10

    Pro gay adoption organsation seeks parents

    12:00 AM — As Catholic adoption agencies bicker about allowing gay couples to adopt, one agency in San Francisco is welcoming them with open arms.With a new publicity drive launching on Monday and a new slogan, "there's no place like home" Family Builders is determined to help children find families be they straight or gay.

  • Tipping point for gay marriage in America?

    Tipping point for gay marraige in America?

    12:00 AM — When the Pew Research Centre conducted their annual poll examining people's attitudes towards the gay community, they had a pleasant surprise. In every category support for gay people had increased.On the thorny subject of gay marriage, 51% of the people questioned opposed it. This is a small but significant drop in objectors since 2004, when the poll reported that 63% of Americans were against it, many of whom "strongly objected".

  • “Ecumenical winter” in Rome as Archbishop plans to visit Pope 1

    “Ecumenical winter” in Rome as Archbishop plans to visit Pope

    12:00 AM — The Anglican church might be tearing itself to pieces trying to decide whether to consecrate gay bishops, but Pope Benedict certainly knows where he stands on the issue.The American church's decision to consecrate gay bishop Gene Robinson has set the Anglicans and Catholics further apart, and the blessing of same-sex unions in Canada's Anglican Church has added to the tension between the two largest branches of the Christian church. It's a climate that former Archbishop John Carey has called "ecumenical winter".

  • 22nd March 2006

    Gay asylum seekers sent back to Iran

    LGBT asylum seekers sent back to Iran

    12:00 AM — Gay asylum seekers to the Netherlands from Iran will be sent back there, Rita Verdonk, Dutch Immigration minister decides.She is lifting a ban that was put in place 6 months ago following reports that Iranian homosexuals were being executed. Jean Lambert Green Party Member of the European Parliament for London spoke out against the lifting of the ban, expressing concern that Iranian Lesbian Gay Bisexual or Transgender (LGBT) immigrants would face a frightening and uncertain future. "It is extremely worrying that some EU countries are willing to ignore the advice of the Human Rights Watch and signs of danger in Iran."

  • Gay marriage vote in New Hampshire

    New Hampshire joins gay marriage debate

    12:00 AM — A vote in New Hampshire yesterday had a tentative pro gay marriage result. A constitutional amendment had been proposed which would ban same sex marriage specifically in the state's Bill of Rights. It was defeated by 207 votes to 125.Senator Jack Raymond, an opponent of gay marriage said that he would respect the views of the house and not pursue a similar amendment in the State Senate. "The people is the third rail in politics" he said, "and obviously the people that voted against it didn't want it to hit the third rail".

  • India’s celebrities speak up for gay rights

    Dino Morea said: “gays can make great friends“

    12:00 AM — With the recent official founding of gay group the Men's Community Development Society (MCDS), Indian celebrities have been moved to speak out about attitudes towards gay people in the popular paper Hindustan Times.Male supermodel Dino Morea kicked off the debate noting: "when I entered the modelling world after completing my graduation, I had loads of stories about homosexuals forcibly making you enter into an act with them."

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