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March 2006

  • 9th March 2006

    Government minister to become first MP to have gay marriage 2

    Ben Bradshaw  was one of the first openly gay MPs to be out at the same time that he was elected

    12:00 AM — Labour MP, Ben Bradshaw announced yesterday that he will be holding a civil ceremony with partner, Neal Dalgleish, who is a BBC Newsnight journalist.Family and friends will witness the representative for Exeter's gay marriage ceremony to his partner in June. His spokesman said: "To celebrate the occasion they're giving a party for family and close friends at Ben's sister's home in Herefordshire."

  • Little Britain to register gay catchphrases 5

    An insider told the Daily Express that the comedians are looking to bring out a range of goods including “toilet articles.”

    12:00 AM — The creators of camp comedy, Little Britain, will embrace toilet humour with a range of bathroom products containing famous phrases from the hit show, according to newspaper reports.David Walliams and Matt Lucas are said to have applied to register well known lines from characters such as Daffyd "the only gay in the village", and Emily "I'm a lady!" Howard.

  • Rights group call for release of allegedly gay men

    Homosexuality is a criminal offence under Section 347a of the Cameroonian Penal Code

    12:00 AM — Amnesty International has labelled the eight men and one boy being tried in Cameroon on charges of practicing homosexuality as prisoners of conscience.The human rights organisation is mobilising its global membership to petition Cameroon for the detainees' immediate release.These defendants are being held unjustly solely on the basis of their alleged sexual orientation, in violation of international human rights standards," said Michael Heflin, Director of OUTFront, Amnesty International USA's programme on Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Human Rights.

  • Politician loses election race after gay prostitute revelations

    The Texas State flag alongside the American flag

    12:00 AM — A Democratic candidate for the Texas House has lost his bid for nomination after his support and endorsement faded in reaction to revelations that he once worked as a gay prostitute.The Dallas Morning News reported last month that Tom Malin had advertised his sexual services under the alias of Todd Sharpe as recently as 2001 via an online escort service.

  • UK Census ignores the number of gays in the village 5

    The gay community, including comedian Matt Lucas, is currently estimated at 6% of all adults. More accurate statistics will make it easier for the new Commission for Equality and Human Rights to guarantee protection and support for people's sexual orientation

    12:00 AM — The 2011 Census will contain a civil partnerships section but questions on sexual orientation have been omitted, the Office of National Statistics (ONS) has revealed.However, a nationwide government survey which includes questions on sexuality will be sent to UK households as part of a bid to calculate the amount lesbian, gay, and bisexual people living in Britain.

  • Gay Games given the row ahead

    Residents, gay rights activists, ministers and legal experts attended the meeting to raise issues ranging from tolerance, the human rights and fear the games would promote promiscuity

    12:00 AM — The vote banning the Gay Games rowing event from Crystal Lake in Chicago has been reversed.After a deadlock vote last month, it was thought that the proposal had failed and the event would have to be moved, but a rescheduled full committee poll this week gave approval for the event to go ahead.

  • Archbishop dismisses gay debate

    Dr Williams told the BBC last week that he fears a spilt in the Anglican Church over gay issues

    12:00 AM — The Archbishop of Canterbury has warned Anglican leaders that he does not want to use the Church's upcoming conference as a debating ground for homosexuality.In a letter to communion leaders, Dr Rowan Williams said he felt there was not "much enthusiasm" for reopening the issue which was discussed at the 1998 conference, where it was affirmed that homosexual behaviour is incompatible with the Bible.

  • Rabbis delay over Jewish gay marriage rights

    The UK Masorti movement told PinkNews.co.uk  it would never consider Jewish same sex unions

    12:00 AM — The Conservative Judaism movement in America has delayed its decision on lifting a ban on homosexual rabbis and gay marriage.The organisation was expected to debate a removal of the prohibition this week but the Rabbinical Assembly has instead decided to wait until December to vote on the controversial issue.

  • First civil ceremony for gay MP 1

    Labour MP, Ben Bradshaw announced yesterday that he will be holding a civil ceremony with partner, Neal Dalgleish

    12:00 AM — A Labour environment minister will become the first MP to have a civil partnership.Labour MP, Ben Bradshaw announced yesterday that he will be holding a civil ceremony with partner, Neal Dalgleish, who is a BBC Newsnight journalist.Family and friends will witness the representative for Exeter's gay marriage ceremony to his partner in June.

  • 8th March 2006

    HSBC “masturbator” secretly filmed disciplinary hearing, tribunal told 4

    Mr Lewis was global head of equity trading and was believed to have earned around £1m a year

    12:00 AM — The gay, former HSBC investment banker who is claiming unfair dismissal told an employment tribunal that he secretly filmed his disciplinary appeal hearing because he did not trust his employer.Peter Lewis, claims he was sacked by the bank because he is gay. He was dismissed by the banking giant for "gross personal misconduct". The incident in question relates to an encounter between Mr Lewis and another male employee of the bank, which ultimately resulted in a complaint of "sexual harassment".

  • Gay icon handed unique restraining order 7

    The heiress's spokesman Elliot Mintz  said his client wants nothing to do with Mr Quintana and is happy to stay away from him

    12:00 AM — Gay icon, Paris Hilton, has been given an unusual restraining order to stay at least 100 yards away from an event producer, unless they are at the same party.Brian Quintana was granted the three-year order against the Simple Life star last month after he testified that she continuosly harassed and threatened him after their friendship ended.

  • Gay bishop returns to work after alcohol treatment

    Bishop Robinson caused surprise when he checked into an alcohol treatment centre last month

    12:00 AM — The first openly gay bishop of the Anglican Church has returned to work after a month's rehabilitation from an alcohol problem.Gene Robinson, The Episcopal Church's New Hampshire bishop returned from treatment last week. He was catching up with work and not granting interviews. His spokesman Mike Barwell, told the Press Association, "He is going to kind of ease back into things."

  • Lesbian Homecoming King causes college review 1

    Some students hailed the result as a positive symbol while others are seeing it as offensive to the men who took part and that it makes the election look like a joke

    12:00 AM — A lesbian who sparked controversy amongst students after winning a Homecoming King contest has prompted college officials to review their homecoming rules.Jen Jones, a senior at the school, beat three men to the crown at Hood College in Maryland, USA. She praised the school for appointing her.

  • Ashley Cole uses internet to discover impact of “gay” rumours 23

    Mr Cole wishes to find how his fans found out about the rumours

    12:00 AM — The solicitors for footballer Ashley Cole in his libel case against the News of the World and the Sun are taking to the internet to decipher how articles relating to a "gay orgy" have affected the public perception of the Arsenal and England star.Answers to the questions will be used as evidence in a civil court case against the papers involved, and some of the respondents may be called as witnesses.

  • MP defends meeting with anti gay Muslim group 2

    She was criticised by gay rights campaigner, Peter Tatchell who told her he had received death threats from the group because of his fergence of gay people

    12:00 AM — Former cabinet minister, Clare Short, has defended a meeting she held with a radical Muslim group last week, amid anger from fellow Labour MPs and gay rights activists.The former international development secretary invited Islamic group, Hizb ut-Tahrir, which the Prime Minister, Tony Blair, wishes to ban from Britain, to speak to MPs.

  • Gay media monitor launched

    Last week a Stonewall study revealed that only 0.06% of BBC airtime was devoted to sexual diversity

    12:00 AM — A new scheme has been launched by gay charity, Stonewall, to monitor the portral of gay people in the media, after the BBC was slammed for its coverage of homosexual issues.The project will allow TV viewers, radio listeners and newspaper readers to log any instances of homophobia they witness in the media.

  • Elton John’s gay marriage goblets go on sale

    Sir Elton has slammed this years Oscars as the “most boring show ever”

    12:00 AM — Edinburgh Castle is offering goblets similar to those used at Elton John's civil partnership ceremony.As part of a make over at the castle's shop, remakes of the cups used when the singer wed his gay partner David Furnish, will form part of a banqueting collection of Scottish food and drink.

  • Pub owner charged for reprimanding kissing lesbians

    Mr Malone denies discrimination insisting that he would have stopped a heterosexual couple from kissing

    12:00 AM — An Irish pub owner has been charged with discrimination after ordering a lesbian couple to stop kissing in his establishment.Judges ruled yesterday that the request breached the Equal Status Act because it was discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation.The case was brought by the Equality Authority on behalf of Eileen Twomey and Myra McGuirk, against publican Michael Malone of Malone's Pub in Cork.

  • Netherlands may deport gay Iranians 1

    Ms Verdonk said last month, “For homosexual men and women it is not totally impossible to function in society, although they should be wary of coming out of the closet too openly“

    12:00 AM — The Dutch Immigration minister is facing criticism over plans to deport lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender asylum seekers back to Iran.A ban on deportations was imposed last September after reports of gay executions in Iran, but now the minister, Rita Verdonk, wishes to end the moratorium as she believes there is no clear evidence of execution for being a homosexual in the country.

  • New Zealand to lift gay sperm ban

    The controversial issue has been widely covered in the media due to a shortage of sperm donors in New Zealand and Australia

    12:00 AM — A ban on gay sperm donors may soon be lifted in New Zealand according to health authorities in the country.The controversial issue has been widely covered in the media due to a shortage of sperm donors in New Zealand and Australia. However, when a gay man in Wellington offered to help, he was turned away.

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