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March 2006

  • 16th March 2006

    Gay man challenges inheritance laws

    His lawyer claims that as there are no children, Mr Gory should be seen as the surviving spouse and therefore the legal heir

    12:00 AM — A gay man in South Africa is to contest a law which stops him inheriting his dead partner's estate.Mark Gory had a gay marriage ceremony with his partner who later died without leaving a will. His lawyer claims that as there are no children, Mr Gory should be seen as the surviving spouse and therefore the legal heir.

  • Czech gays given marriage rights 1

    Czech Republic President Vaclav Klaus had originally rejected the bill

    12:00 AM — The Czech lower parliament has overruled a presidential veto on gay marriage to allow same sex couples to register their relationships, gain access to each other's health information and raise children.Czech Republic President Vaclav Klaus had originally rejected the bill claiming it increased the state's power to interfere with individual lives and inhibited on the traditional views of family.

  • Gays banned from St Patrick’s Day 2

    He accused the Irish Lesbian and Gay organisation of “dirty pool tactics” and using the parade as a tool for publicity

    12:00 AM — As big green hats and Guinness cans begin to fill the world's biggest cities for this year's St Patrick's Day, it has emerged that gay groups have been rejected from taking part in the New York parade.The annual Irish celebration which is embraced by all cultures irrelevant of the nationality, has been thrown into a gay rights debate after the chairman of the Manhattan parade, John Dunleavy, blocked an approach from New York's gay council leader, Christine Quinn, to allow gay groups to join the march.

  • 15th March 2006

    Hearing didn’t listen to gay banker’s view, tribunal told 4

    Mr Lewis is seeking £5 million compensation

    12:00 AM — An HSBC manager didn't adequately probe claims of gross misconduct, a tribunal was told today.Lawyers for Peter Lewis, who claims he was sacked from the bank because he was gay, accused Mark Bucknall, HSBC's co-head of global investment banking, of being biased after not considering Mr Lewis's side of the story before dismissing him.

  • Gay marriage supporters protest new bill

    Gay marriage supporters feel that a new amendment would have take away rights for all couples

    12:00 AM — Protestors against an amendment that would reinforce a ban on gay marriage, picketed in Pennsylvania yesterday.Gay marriage supporters feel that a new amendment would have take away rights for all couples, gay and straight, because of bad wording.

  • State promises protection to gays 1

    Council member Laketa Cole said: “Right now, currently as the law stands someone can be discriminated against because of their sexual orientation“

    12:00 AM — A new law could be set up in Cincinnati to protect American gay and transgender people at work and home, the city council has revealed.The Cincinnati City Council law committee met yesterday and heard examples of employee and property discrimination towards the gay community, a decision is expected to be made later today.

  • Prisoner kept calm by gay porn 1

    The pornographic calendar caused jealousy amongst inmates at Broadmoor prison where pornography is banned

    12:00 AM — A convicted paedophile has been issued with gay porn by a psychologist at the top security Broadmoor prison hospital, a tabloid has claimed.John Leather, 47, was reported to have been given pictures of naked and aroused men in an attempt by medical experts to keep him calm in his room.

  • Public schools to welcome gay rights 1

    The nonpartisan guidelines call on school officials to be “fair, honest brokers of a dialogue that involves all stakeholders and seeks the common good”

    12:00 AM — The first guidelines to help teachers, students and parents develop local policies and practices to address issues involving sexual orientation in public schools were announced this week by the First Amendment Centre (FAC.)"Americans are deeply divided over homosexuality in our society," said Charles Haynes, senior scholar at the FAC, "But if school officials and community members use the ground rules of the First Amendment, they can reach agreement on how public schools can guard the rights of all students in a safe learning environment."

  • Gay men express Brokeback shock

    Newsweek revealed that most of the donors are gay men

    12:00 AM — Disgruntled fans of gay cowboy romance Brokeback Mountain are trying to overcome the loss of the best picture award at the Oscars by running an advertising campaign to highlight their shock.Internet blogger Dave Cullen collected $26,000 from over 600 people last week for an advertisement in Daily Variety which suggests that Brokeback Mountain, which was named best picture through "unprecedented consensus" in other ceremonies, should have also won the Oscar.

  • Poor healthcare for gays and lesbians 3

    The work revealed that many elderly citizens feared telling their doctors that they were gay and some said they were mistreated after their sexual orientation was discovered

    12:00 AM — Gay and lesbian seniors are being given unequal access to health services, according to researchers.A study by The McGill School of Social Work in Canada claims that elderly people in the gay and lesbian community are discriminated against by the very health care organisations and social services committed to supporting them.

  • Leeds students protest against homophobic lecturer

    Student groups have started a petition for his dismissal and there are calls to boycott his lectures since the article was published

    12:00 AM — PinkNews.co.uk ExclusiveStudents at the University of Leeds are raising concerns over a lecturer they claim made openly homophobic, racist and misogynistic remarks in a interview with the student union paper.Dr Frank Ellis, lecturer in Russian and Slavonic Studies said that homosexuality is wrong and should be "weeded out of theological seminaries."

  • Councillor slams gay cruising website

    Cruising and sexual activity in public toilets has been illegal since the Sexual Offences Act 2003

    12:00 AM — Council officials in Swansea are worried after a website listed 19 public places it recommended for gay sex and "cruising" in the area.Castle Ward councillor David Phillips said he was concerned that many of the areas were in busy public places such as toilets in local supermarkets, park locations, bus stations and car parks.

  • Indian gays overcoming taboos 2

    Some groups want Indian gays to be proud of their sexuality

    12:00 AM — Just days after the gay community in Pakistan proudly raised its voice, neighbouring India also appears to be coming out of the closet.SAPPHO, named after the legendary character of ancient Greek literature, is an Indian organisation set up to provide support for the gay community, they have revealed that an increasing number of gays and lesbians are approaching the service.

  • Gays may have limited access to information

    The group says changes circulated by national security adviser Stephen Hadley show that in December 2005  guidelines were changed

    12:00 AM — Human rights groups are questioning new guidelines on security clearance which may discriminate on the grounds of sexual orientation.Sexuality is referred to as a determining factor in access to classified information, according to a revision of the, Adjudicative Guidelines for Determining Eligibility for Access to Classified Information.

  • Health insurance for gay partners

    The domestic-partner policy from Blue Cross, which is available to big and small businesses, will be made accessible for gay and straight partners

    12:00 AM — Partners of gay employees in the US state of Montana will be offered health insurance, according to the area's largest health cover provider.The domestic-partner policy from Blue Cross, which is available to big and small businesses, will be made accessible for gay and straight partners of workers from July.

  • Westlife star: “being a gay icon is a great challenge” 8

    Mark Feehily has claimed that becoming a gay icon has been his biggest challenge so far

    12:00 AM — Gay Westlife star Mark Feehily has claimed that becoming a gay icon has been his biggest challenge so far.The singer who came out last August after announcing his relationship with Kevin McDaid, a former member of the boy band V.Mr Feehily told the Irish Mirror: "If somebody does come out that is in the public eye then they're going to represent all homosexuals, not just themselves."

  • Gay bathhouses file lawsuit against LA County

    The clubs are taking issue with the denial of their constitutional rights to Due Process

    12:00 AM — The gay bathhouses and sex clubs of Los Angeles have filed a lawsuit against the City and County of Los Angeles in response to the latest regulations passed by the county and adopted by the city which allow a non-elected bureaucrat the power to regulate those establishments according to his whim.Only gay venues are singled out for this treatment without guidelines, The organisations fear that in the hands of a homophobic or power hungry appointee, the plaintiffs fear a witch hunt.

  • Daily Star apologises to Ashley Cole over “gay” stories 26

    The Daily Star has retracted the articles and will apologise to Mr Cole

    12:00 AM — PinkNews.co.uk ExclusiveAshley Cole is due to receive an apology from The Daily Star after the tabloid printed stories relating to the News of the World "gay orgy" articles which eventually led to the identification of the footballer.The Arsenal and England star objected to articles from three separate editions of the paper, one which retold the News of the World story, a picture of Mr Cole looking feminine with a caption by his phone, an image from websites claiming to be of the footballers involved, and a falsely attributed headline from the star saying, "I'm no rear gunner."

  • 14th March 2006

    Gay Austrian faces deportation over African porn films 1

    It is believed that there are several people conducting similar activities in Ghana, where homosexual sex is illegal

    12:00 AM — A gay Austrian is facing deportation from Ghana after immigration officials arrested him for homosexual acts.Officials say he was apprehended with a Nigerian partner in the capital city of Accra and accused of using young unemployed men for pornographic films and falsely promising them European visas.

  • Church thanks gay bishop for facing alcohol issues 5

    Mr Robinson is the Episcopal Church's first openly gay bishop, last month he revealed he was being treated for alcohol addiction

    12:00 AM — Portsmouth parishioners have thanked Episcopal Bishop V. Gene Robinson for publicly admitting to his alcohol problems.The bishop was praised after delivering a sermon at St. John's Episcopal Church in Portsmouth, on saving the soul.He told the Associated Press, "It feels like a homecoming, people are always friendly here, but they are unusually warm today."

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