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Dog muck taunts led to transsexual suicide

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Reader comments

  1. Pamela Dunn 1 Apr 2006, 9:20pm

    The article said:”Daily jibes from other residents, combined with emotional issues she was suffering from due to a sex change, left 46 year old Karen Buckley too scared to leave her own home.” I would suggest that more than likely it was an inability to deal with the abuse heaped on her by her “neighbors” than the “sex change”. It’s a shame whne things like this get mis-reported to shield the bigots of the world from the blame they so rightly deserve.Pamela

  2. When you’re dead, with no one to speak up for you, people can say whatever suits them. How come the housing officer didn’t move her, or sort out the harassment? Perhaps because there are no laws to protect us from discrimination in the provision of housing, or any other services. What if her being a recluse were somewhat due to inadequate medical assistance, like sub-minimal hormone prescribing? How convenient for her GP to blame her having been treated for transsexuality all those years ago. If this woman got reassignment surgery at 18 in 1978 she would have been in really, really exceptional need. It would have been an incredible feat. The mental harm done to her before that time, as a child – when it is unlikely she had the same GP – would likely have been immense. and she would certainly have had to go through a “real life test” before having surgery to ensure she could cope better as a female than previously, there was absolutely no avoiding that back then. So the GP’s report is nonsense, a prejudiced slur on the patient, and upon all like her. Which might imply that the GP had not provided her with the support to which she was entitled. Let us also remember that her being unemployed and stuck in a flat surrounded by harassing neighbours might have had something to do with there having been no protection against discimination in education, training or employment for most of her life, and no way to get proper documentation either. While we are on the subject, why does one have the impression that Pink News uses “transsexual” for tragedies, and “transgender” for positive stories? couldn’t be a bit of prejudice against reassignment surgery showing through could there?

  3. Allison Maye 11 Apr 2006, 11:34pm

    It just goes to show the ignorance in our society. Whereas, these bigots judge a person before truly knowing who they really are. They should have made the neighbor bitch responsible for her suicide. Hoefully what goes around comes around. It is sad that a person had to take their life because of these uneducated bigots.

  4. R. Forrester 9 May 2006, 11:44am

    Good question and good points, Jenny.Clearly this woman was abused not onoly be her neighbours, but by the system in general, right up to the doctor who seemed to have an axe to grind against transex people.

  5. I dont know what to say.It is sad that a person is left without options but to commit suicide due to her enviroment, despite her having reported things to the police, a housing officer and living in a community, what kind of society was she living in !!,where death becomes a prefferable option.I am sorry this has happened to you Miss Buckly, it shouldnt have happened. rest in peace.

  6. as a transsexual in chicago i have come to believe that there is no place for me in this world. no one would care in any way. the human race, the greatest monsters of them all. some day soon i will just give up. chicago will cellibrate my death. i am a good person but it makes no difference.oh well.

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