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Gay groups question Lambeth councillor revelation

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Reader comments

  1. I think cutting through all the opinions about this, the word “naive” does sum it up. The cold fact is people who look to conduct a political role are only really successful when they try to keep their private lives and fetishes as exactly that -private! It’s hard to feel sympathy for someone who seemed to take the exact opposite route.I think if Charles were straight and posting such content up on open websites to attract women for casual sex then it would still be the same error of political judgement. And such an error could cause locals in Lambeth to question his ability to conduct himself as a councillor.

  2. Anders199 3 Apr 2006, 4:42pm

    Wow, sexy guy!I wonder if his pix are still on Gaydar? I wanna SEE this sexy man!And so what if he is a local councillor? If he does that job well then the rest is his own business….well….except for the fact that I’d fancy seeing his goods

  3. Paul Remillard 9 Apr 2006, 9:17pm

    The decision to publish private information on a public forum such as the internet shows a severe lack of judgement.While it is true that a person’s private life should remain private, surely there is no harm in people having a clearer insight into just what sort of person they are voting for?Even if such insight goes against them, then that is a judgement of the people he is appealing to in order to be elected.

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