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Busta Rhymes accused of homophobic attack

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  1. dear bustaI am not gay but I am a fan.I think the media is over reacting about what happened to you. Keep your head nisha

  2. “B.R.” is no musician. he’s an ignorant, low class, hypocritical, discriminatory, bigoted, idiotic, racist, intolerant, hate-filled, annoying, stupid, homophobic A$$HOLE who is in denial. It seems how he has forgotten how black people themselves were the target of hate, discrimination, murder and intolerance not so many decades ago. So I guess he feels justified in using hate speech & prejudice that is popular with the moronic fools who listen to his so called “music”. He should be banned from all record labels, musical events, radio stations and see how he likes to be targeted by discrimination.

  3. Top Ten (Allegedly) Gay Male Celebs | The Urban Daily 12 Aug 2010, 8:21pm

    […] to that big butt that made him hit it. If you really wanna take it there, you could say that the alleged attack on a gay fan and his subsequent homophobic remarks were a way to quell all the gay rumors that have been circulating about him over the years. But […]

  4. Interestingly enough, I can not find this article ANYWHERE on the new york post’s websites. I checked all of march. Wonder who checks these things…

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