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Will Young has joined “anti-gay” Church- press claim

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  1. jenny hynes 27 Mar 2006, 3:52pm

    Plenty of Christians criticise the Alpha course for it’s content. And plenty of diverse people attend them. I don’t need to I’ve found God without the aid of role-play, thank you very much. Shame Will Young has tried it though I can see why, the literature is very tempting to one seeking subjective truths. I’d tell Will, if he wants to know about Christianity or feel closer to God, then he should read the Gospels. Period. These fancy courses are for people without faith, who need it instilled in them to make it work, which it won’t, because they can’t believe without prompting. And of course, they don’t use Jesus’ message either, if they did, they wouldn’t be preaching so much hate would they? Poor Will, misguided and lacking in the necessary desire to believe, as so many others are, including those who run the Alpha courses.

  2. caroline findlay 28 Mar 2006, 8:58am

    Obviously Jenny has never been to an Alpha course or she would realise that her comments are totally unfounded and wrong!.. All the alpha course is doing is giving the message about Christianity in a friendly environment and allowing people to make up their own minds as to whether it is for them or not. It is a questioning forum and not a brainwashing one.

  3. It does not mater which church Will visits or attends, just be thankful that this young man appears to have finally realised that descibing yourself as Gay, is admitting that you are a loser that cannot face a little rejection from the opposite sex. Thank goodness that he woke up from a grubby situation that continues to hurt and damage so many lives. Sadly the word Gay has been stolen to describe a lost generation that have been mislead into believing it is something of a fashion statement.

  4. Oh My God, Geoff: If you think people are gay because they fear rejection from the opposite sex you are seriously stupid. Nearly all gay men I know (myself included!) have more approaches from women than men! I never get chatted up by men but women chat me up all the time and I only ever get compliments from women! It would be a lot easier if I was straight but I’m just not. & as for it being a fashion statement, puhlease!! There have been gays since the beginning of mankind!

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